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Which Type of Trade Show Exhibit Attracts Prospects?

A plethora of options await companies seeking to elevate their presence at industry trade shows. These days, trade show marketing is not simply about the types of shows companies can participate in. It’s about choosing how best to position brands to capture the attention of attendees, generate leads and achieve corporate objectives.

Different types of exhibits help to reach these goals. Inline, peninsula and custom island design for trade shows provide both unique marketing experiences for attendees and opportunities for company representatives to connect with prospects.  Here’s an overview of these exhibit design types and how to get the most out of them.

Custom Designed Trade Show Exhibits

The best way to get the most attention at a trade show is to create a custom designed exhibit. Although the size and shape of an exhibit may be somewhat limited by an event organizer’s floor plan or the spaces available when you sign up for the show,  custom trade show exhibits offer endless possibilities as to design and messaging within an event space.  These exhibits are tailor-made to your company’s strategic requirements.

Be sure to partner with a custom design house that knows how to use the hierarchy of messaging effectively. Proper primary and secondary messaging will ensure that your exhibit attracts people from across a trade show to learn more about your brand, while more personalized messaging is effective in providing detail to those that are committed to engagement.

Custom Island Exhibits

Custom island design has the potential to bring companies powerful returns on their investments in trade shows by offering interaction and points of entry for attendees along all sides of the exhibit. Custom islands exhibits are among the most effective platforms for making a monumental impression on attendees. They create a unique, three-dimensional environment in which prospects can learn more about a company’s products or services.

Island exhibits are excellent for amplifying your brand’s voice so that it stands out from the competition. Collaborate with a custom island design house that knows how to make an interactive showcase for your company’s products using bold messages and enticing colors.

Inline Exhibits

Custom inline or linear exhibits offer a great value for many businesses. Custom inline exhibits are an ideal choice when trade show space is limited or when a billboard approach is required. While these take up less square footage than larger island exhibits, custom inline design can be effectively used to encourage interaction between company representatives and prospects.

Work with a custom design house experienced in crafting unique environments that facilitate conversations using vivid lighting, comfortable furniture and primary messaging.

Portable and Modular Exhibits

Portable and modular exhibits blend customization with the savings benefit of lighter weight display options that can be scalable to work in different sized spaces.  These displays allow companies to create an exhibit from a set of versatile, compatible parts with ease to meet ever-changing business needs.  As a result, they complement larger custom environment programs when there are many different types of events to consider or when trade show space is limited.

Portable exhibit systems can be as simple as a graphic kiosk, backwall display or a pop-up booth to create compact marketing experiences that impressively promote brands.  At the same time, portable exhibits can be constructed with hard laminate elements or soft fabric displays and still retain the ease of assembly, quick dismantle and lightweight shipping that portables are known for.

Modular exhibits are similar to portables due to the same systems approach in design, but allow more customization to include cabinetry and a wider range of accessories to answer the need for various functional requirements.  Modulars give event marketers flexibility to rearrange components for different venues without compromising design form and function.

Custom Design is Essential for Trade Show Exhibits

Custom design is key to creating a powerful trade show exhibit that magnifies brand messaging and attracts prospects.  A qualified custom design house will work together with you to select the right type of exhibit for your company and program.

Exhibitus offers a wide variety of options from small portable modular display systems to custom island exhibits. Contact us today at 800.770.4392.