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Tips for Preparing for an Outdoor Trade Show

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Tips for Preparing for an Outdoor Trade Show

Tips for Preparing for an Outdoor Trade ShowThough you have the same goals at an outdoor event as you do with an indoor one, your preparation and planning will look quite different. From your custom trade show exhibit design to the weather, there are a variety of factors to ensure the show is a success. Whether you’re a first-time exhibitor or a veteran, here are four tips to keep in mind for your next outdoor show.

Plan for Rain and Wind

One of the biggest hurdles that can make or break an outdoor event is Mother Nature. She is unpredictable, and you may not have an indoor alternative, so plan accordingly. When establishing your exhibit budget, add a line item for display covers in the case of rain and ensure that there are proper materials to secure elements to the ground for unexpected wind gusts. During the design phase, request weather-proof materials that can withstand nature’s elements.

Protect Your Trade Show Design from Sunlight

Rain isn’t the only element that could make or break your success. Over time, exposure to harsh sunlight could cause long-term damage to your displays. Some event hosts will provide awnings or tents, but if you are doing a variety of outdoor events, it is worth the money to make sure you can protect your exhibit, technology and staff from the sun.

Visit the Exhibit Space Before the Show

Outdoor events are unique in that they don’t always have defined spaces for exhibitors like indoor shows. Your host might provide tents or other territorial markers, but make sure you understand where your exhibit will be located and if there are rules and regulations you will need to follow. If you have exhibited at a certain event in the past, don’t assume that the regulations are the same as in previous years. Make sure you have the most up-to-date information so that your event will run smoothly.

Take Care of Your Exhibit Staff

The people you put on the front lines of your exhibit are just as important as a great trade show booth design. Whether you’re attending a show in the midst of summer or in the heart of winter, your booth staff’s comfort will be impacted by the temperature.

No matter how well trained and prepared they are, if they’re not dressed appropriately, their performance will suffer. Make it a priority to communicate the weather forecast, as well as what’s acceptable and encouraged or required to wear.  If your event is during the colder months, consider investing in company jackets that display the logo, providing a more polished look. Regardless of the weather, put together a checklist of critical safety items like sunscreen, umbrellas and portable chairs.

It’s no secret – working a booth is exhausting and physically trying. Add that to the fact that the event is outdoors, and your staff will probably need more downtime than usual. Plan ahead, and staff your booth appropriately, so you can offer more breaks and shifts. In dire heat or frigid cold, your employees will perform best with a little time to recharge and freshen up.

Although it seems obvious, a critical part of taking care of your staff is nourishing them.   Whether you provide per diem or cater in meals, keeping your workers fed and hydrated is crucial, especially in hot and humid weather.

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