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Three Ways Custom Environment Design Engages Trade Show Attendees

More than 33 million individuals attended trade shows in 2015. Among them were influencers, decision-makers, and potential customers looking for creative new products and innovative solutions. With this many eyes on hundreds of brands, it’s crucial that a company’s trade show exhibit stands out in the crowd.

This is where custom environment design can make the difference between a passing glance on the trade show floor and the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Here are three ways custom environment design engages trade show attendees: smart design, exceptional customization and measurable results.

Smart Design

Standing out requires what we at Exhibitus call “smart design,” an approach to exhibit creation that relies on the principles of Design Thinking – research, define, ideate, prototype, execute. Smart design infuses your brand’s personality into a custom environment that makes the most out of every square foot of exhibit space.

A custom exhibit created using smart design is a visual and tactile experience that attracts, engages and persuades trade show attendees. This kind of exhibit invites attendees to get closer, interact with physical elements and connect with brand ambassadors.

Achieving a design that aligns with corporate goals, branding objectives and entices qualified buyers takes a high level of collaboration. That’s why smart design begins with a conversation between an experienced custom design house and your company’s team.

Most trade show vendors begin their process by completing or responding to a customary RFP. Smart design allows custom exhibit designers to take in what your brand is about and translate that into a unique marketing experience for trade show attendees.

Exceptional Customization

Another way custom environment design leads to better participation is by using the most appropriate materials and customizing them to fit your specifications. The collaborative design process gives the craftspeople at the custom design house the blueprint to create a unique, multi-dimensional trade show environment.

Using this blueprint, they create a durable structure made from high quality components and arrange them in the event space in a way that makes people take notice. This includes projecting branding elements across the even space so that they are visible across large areas. This level of customization enables the exhibit to lure buyers from throughout the trade show and overshadow competitors.

Measurable Results

Another advantage of custom environment design is that it considers the entire scope of event marketing. This includes trade show logistics and preparing your company’s representatives for successful interactions with attendees. Equally important, a first-rate custom design house helps companies measure the exhibit’s results.

Using data collected onsite, companies discover what is working and what isn’t, so they can make positive changes that will increase ROI and contribute to corporate objectives. An advanced custom environment design firm works with companies to develop metrics that matter most to their brands and shows them how to leverage this data for robust evaluation and informed strategizing.

When combined, smart design, exceptional customization and measurable results elevate the trade show experience from just another exhibit to an unforgettable brand interaction that entices attendees to engage.

To find out more about what a custom environment design can do for your business, get in touch with Exhibitus at 800.770.4392.