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Four Ways Snapchat Can Attract Attendees to Your Custom Environment

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Four Ways Snapchat Can Attract Attendees to Your Custom Environment

In the age of social media, news spreads like wildfire. Information can spread further and faster than it ever has before in history. The digital revolution has become a brilliant marketing tool and businesses such as trade show booth design companies are taking notice.

Everyone knows the power of social media giants like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – but what about a lesser known app like Snapchat? Though one of the newer forms of social media, Snapchat is gaining traction quickly.

Here are three ways you can take advantage of Snapchat and use it to promote your trade show island design, as well as to draw more people to your exhibit.

Design and Use Geofilters

Contact Snapchat ahead of the trade show and submit a request for a geofilter to use at your exhibit. The convention may already plan to incorporate a few of its own geofilters, but you can request one specifically for your environment. If you would like a design that complements your messaging, you can upload artwork for the Snapchat team to incorporate into the geofilter. You can also post signs or materials to inform your visitors that you have a geofilter on Snapchat, and encourage them to take pictures at your exhibit using the filter.

Share Your Stories

Snapchat stories are a curated selection of images and video that users in a specific location submit to be featured in a public feed for 24 hours. As with geofilters, these can only be submitted to the public story feed if the user is in the area of the convention.

See if your convention plans to utilize the story function of Snapchat. If they do, you can inform visitors and encourage them to add their snaps to the convention storyline using your geofilter.

Doing this will allow attendees to advertise for you. When other Snapchat users see your environment on the public Snapchat stories or with your special geofilter, it will drive more traffic to your exhibit – with little to no additional effort.

Go Behind the Scenes

Use your company Snapchat to go behind the scenes of your custom environment design. Allowing attendees to see your exhibit in production, or to see what’s going on when they aren’t around at the trade show can really make your attendees feel connected to your brand.

Additionally, it can trigger their curiosity and lure them into stopping by, just to check out what those snaps are all about.

Take Advantage of Offers and Incentives

A recent study of college-age students revealed that 58 percent  were more likely to purchase a product or service from a brand if they received a coupon via Snapchat. That’s a huge potential interest and revenue generator to consider for businesses that work these activities into their marketing program.

Regardless of whether or not your business is targeting that particular demographic, you can still take advantage of the opportunities presented here. Using Snapchat as a marketing tool and offering incentives or discounts through the app has the potential to draw more traffic to your exhibit as a result.

Even if prospects aren’t necessarily interested in the coupon itself, sending offers through Snapchat can be enough to garner the attention of attendees and draw them directly to your exhibit, where they can experience your custom environment design and investigate the incentives for themselves.

To learn more about how a custom environment design and Snapchat can work together to create a profitable trade show experience, contact Exhibitus today.