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How Can Periscope Boost Awareness of My Awesome Custom Island?

It should come as no surprise that one of the most effective ways to boost awareness of your trade show island design is through social media. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram offer some of the best ways to interact with your client base, hear their feedback and figure out what their interests are – but what about some of the newer social media platforms?

Periscope, a live video streaming app, is one of the younger forms of social media, having been around only since 2015. If your business strategy incorporates Periscope today with a base of followers, it offers an incredible amount of opportunity for those who want to boost awareness of their custom exhibit design for trade shows. Here are three ways to take advantage of this up-and-coming social media powerhouse to get more traction at your next trade show.

Pre-Show Marketing: Use Periscope to Go Behind-the-Scenes

In order to draw more attention at your trade show, you need to plan ahead.  This includes having a strategic marketing plan. This is where Periscope can help you.

While your exhibit is in the production process, being transported or set up at the trade show, use Periscope to give your followers/clients access to special “behind-the-scenes” footage of the whole process. Having access to exclusive footage helps to create the feeling of being on the “inside” and solidifies a bond between you and your prospects.

This will stir some excitement about your exhibit – but don’t give too much away. Make sure to keep some parts of your exhibit in suspense so that their interest is piqued just enough. Doing this will cause them to come around and discover what the buzz is all about, generating greater numbers on the day of your trade show.

Host a Live Q&A from Your Trade Show Exhibit

A live question and answer session from the trade show floor creates the opportunity for two things to happen simultaneously. First, it engages the people who may have wanted to come to the convention but couldn’t make it. It allows them to be involved, to interact and to see what’s going on at your exhibit.

Second, it gives both attendees and those stuck at the office the opportunity to engage with representatives of your company, For prospects, it can draw them to you from across the convention showroom. For those watching or asking questions remotely, it gives them the opportunity to view your custom island design and to connect with your brand and messages from afar.

Conduct a Live Product Demonstration at Your Trade Show Exhibit

In the midst of the hustle of hundreds of vendors, it can be difficult for attendees to know where to direct their attention and how to determine which exhibits really merit the limited time they have. Taking advantage of Periscope to capture attendees’ attention is a great way to draw them directly to you.

Hosting a live product demonstration or a walk through of your exhibit on the app gives them the chance to see how awesome your exhibit is and is a great way to convince prospects that your exhibit is worth their time. It gives them the opportunity to see your products in real-time. And given that time is a valuable resource at a trade show, being able to see what’s going on across the show floor could convince attendees to spend time at your custom island.

Interested in seeing  how Exhibitus can help you with your custom island design? Contact us today and let’s start building your next custom trade show exhibit.