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Things Are Looking Up for US Exhibitors, Literally

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Things Are Looking Up for US Exhibitors, Literally

Things Are Looking Up for US Exhibitors, Literally | Exhibitus

Customized and communicative trade show booth design is what sets the stage for a winning exhibition experience. Historically, displays on the American trade show circuit were limited in how much of their booth space they could use, which varies from show to show.  Whether for an inline or island exhibit, this limitation stems from maintaining a visible line of sight across the exhibition floor. In order to access more usable space, companies would have to seek out allowable variances from the organizer.

Today, things are looking up for U.S. exhibitors. While still not the standard in the US, cubic content booth formatting is becoming more widely accepted and implemented. This change allows exhibitors to occupy the full space up to a maximum height for their messaging, products and display materials instead of being limited by sightlines. While exhibition rules may impose height limits, it still opens up a world of possibilities for innovative designs.

Custom trade show exhibit visitors are often overwhelmed by all the companies vying for their attention. In that instant, their natural tendency is to look up. Take advantage of your vertical space. Here are a few design ideas to get you started.

Create an Intimate Atmosphere

Trade show floors can be vast and overwhelming for attendees. Build an intimate, welcoming environment by using vertical space.

This can be achieved through fabric partitions, low walls, section dividers and graphic signs. You can also create warmth and intimacy through accent lighting. Consider enclosing the space with ceilings and canopies to bring ambiance to a trade show booth. These can also cut down on glare, which is helpful if you’re using display screens.

Double Your Deck

Want to really maximize your floor space? As long as the venue doesn’t impose restrictive height limits, consider a double-deck exhibit structure. The second tier serves as an extension of the first, doubling your vertical space and increasing your usable footprint for interaction with attendees.

Incorporate Archways and Towers

Whether they’re freestanding components or incorporated into the exhibit architecture, towers and archways are a great use of vertical space. They also help your company be noticeable from multiple locations across the exhibit hall. These design elements can help your exhibit seem larger than life, which is especially helpful for smaller booths.

Stand Out with Hanging Structures

Hanging structures and signage are great ways to attract attention at trade show events. With multiple shapes and sizes to choose from, they’re a versatile promotional tool.  Consider adding motion to the structure as an added eye-catching possibility, such as a rotating motor to the signage.

When prospects see your brand from across the trade show floor, you’re directing potential leads to find you. Exhibit floor maps can be confusing, but an eye-catching sign is a beacon to your booth. Also, perspective artwork – a type of sculpture where the viewer has to stand in a certain place in order for the objects to align, come into focus and depict an image – can be used to create interest from afar.  Often these are made of hanging objects, such as spheres, disks or random items, that morph into a company’s logo when viewed from the correct location.

Achieve Success by Design

Your company’s trade show design should tell a lasting and memorable story. That’s why you need to partner with an award-winning design house like Exhibitus.

We do more than create eye-catching trade show exhibits — we do it in a way that defines measurable results that matters to your program. To find out how Exhibitus can help you stand out from the crowd at your next trade show, contact us today at 800.770.4392.