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Creating Engagement With Custom Design

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Creating Engagement With Custom Design

Trade Show Design Free Charging Station | Exhibitus

Human interaction and connection is the heart-and-soul of business transactions. Ensuring long-term success for your business hinges on building and maintaining good relationships with your customers.

In order to retain current customers and attract new ones, engagement is key. It starts with social interaction, but over time, it solidifies relationships. On the exhibit floor, your trade show booth design can help facilitate these engagement opportunities.

Marketing has evolved over the years. Today, attendees want interactive experiences that lead to meaningful connections. Incorporate some of these ideas into your custom design to increase engagement on the exhibit floor.

Charging Station

When you look around the trade show floor, you’ll notice that almost everyone has a phone or tablet in hand. However, their chargers are likely still back in the hotel room. If your custom trade show exhibit design includes a charging station for smart phones and other devices, people will come to you.

As people pass your exhibit, ask if they have a device they need to charge. By offering a service they can use right now, you’ve opened the door to engagement opportunities. Take it a step further by providing comfortable chairs and a video wall. The video wall can stream content relevant to your company, such as services, new products or promotions.

Free Wi-Fi

Attendees’ phones and tablets are pretty useless if they can’t get a good connection. With so many people in one space, cell coverage can be patchy. Incorporate Wi-Fi into your design and then advertise free access to draw in the crowd. As an added bonus, have visitors create an account with their email address to access the Wi-Fi. Doing so creates a possible lead generation opportunity to explore.

Interactive Touchscreens

Tactile learning increases an attendee’s interest and engagement. Touchscreen kiosks add interaction to your booth design. Attendees have control over their experience, which lets them discover the information they’re specifically seeking.

A level of gamification can also keep them engaged as they learn about what your company offers. Consider touchscreen kiosks for product demo videos, scrollable digital catalogs and lead generation surveys. Have booth staff on hand to support this interactive experience, answering questions and collecting information as needed.

VR Experiences

Virtual reality takes their experience past the confines of the exhibit floor. It’s also a great way to attract visitors to your booth.

VR experiences can demonstrate products, create hands-on tutorials and walk viewers through custom environments. They’re a great way to tell a story in an attention-grabbing way, immersing viewers in an interactive experience.

Success by Design

At Exhibitus, we know that the best designs help your company effectively interact with customers and prospects. Our creative process is collaborative, ensuring that your brand and ideas are captured in a great design that delivers results.

Maximize engagement through custom design. Contact Exhibitus today at 800.770.4392