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4 Ways to Tell Your Story Using Custom Booth Design

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4 Ways to Tell Your Story Using Custom Booth Design

Trade Show Design Custom Booth Design | ExhibitusA trade show is a great environment for engaging with customers and prospects. Storytelling is one of the best ways to establish and develop those connections.

When you tell a story, you do more than entertain and educate — you create a shared experience. It’s a powerful tool that connects with your target audience on a deeper level.

Your custom trade show exhibit design plays an integral role in the storytelling process. Read on to learn four ways you can use the design elements in your booth to tell your brand’s story.

1. Support Your Theme

Themes are the foundation of effective advertising because they support your business’s story and objectives. In addition, the graphics and displays that follow the theme within your exhibit build greater awareness of your brand. Then take it one step further. Humanize your company by incorporating elements that communicate the company’s culture.

How do you want attendees to feel when they interact with your company? If you focus on their needs and then use design elements and engagements to illustrate how your product or services provide the required solution, your brand will be associated with a positive customer experience, even if they don’t remember every detail of your offerings.

2. Add Interactive Features

It’s always better to show than simply tell your story. Touch screen, tablets and RFID technology add an interactive, tactile component to your exhibit.

Customized engagements encourage visitors to get involved with your exhibit. This can be done through product demonstrations, problem-solving scenarios, social media interactions and more.

3. Develop a Color Strategy

Don’t be afraid to incorporate colors outside of your brand guidelines to support a specific theme. You may need to clear this with the marketing team first, but if you have a strategy behind it, they may be more willing to bend the rules.

Consider how color will most benefit engagement opportunities. Red is high-energy, communicating a sense of urgency. Blue is calming, but conveys dependability and sophistication. Gray is modern and creative, especially when accented by green or blue. Orange invokes excitement and boldness.

4. Use Effective Imagery & Messaging

Bold, clear and easily understood imagery is critical for your trade show graphics. If every word was removed from your trade show display, the imagery alone should be strong enough to tell your story.

Messaging needs to be engaging while capturing your brand’s voice. Focus on what your prospects want, answering how your company alleviates their pain points. When visitors understand what’s in it for them, they’re more likely to engage with your exhibit.

Custom Designs Tell Your Brand’s Story

When executed well, a custom booth generates traffic, drives engagement and increases qualified leads. At Exhibitus, we rely on Smart Design, which is based on the principles of collaboration, empathy and human behavior. The result is a design that captures attendees’ attention while facilitating optimal engagement with your target audience.

To learn more about how our experienced design team works with you to create a custom exhibit, contact us or call 800.770.4392.