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Should I Worry About “The Fifth Wall” for My Next Custom Inline? 

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Should I Worry About “The Fifth Wall” for My Next Custom Inline? 

When you think about your custom inline design, you are mostly concerned with the style of the furniture, the layout of the design, and how well it will advertise your company at the trade show. But one thing you may not have considered is how your choice of flooring can impact how attendees perceive your custom trade show exhibit.

One part of a custom inline design that is often overlooked is the floor. Since the floor isn’t generally the first thing visitors will consciously notice about your booth, it can be easy to forget it’s even a part of the exhibit itself.

But if you think about the ways you can use your flooring as an advertisement mechanism, it then becomes the “fifth wall” of your exhibit. This gives you an opportunity to create an experience for your visitors that will set you apart from your competition.

Here are some benefits of creating this fifth wall for your custom inline display.

Three Things Your Custom Inline Flooring Can Do for You

Make Your Booth Stand Out

Instead of using plain, traditional floors that won’t leave an impression on your visitors, take advantage of having some additional space and get creative with your floor choices.

You can opt for a variety of colors, styles and patterns that will attract more visitors and help your booth stand out. Bold and bright colored tiles, unique wood and laminate designs, or floors with an unusual texture such as sport turf or synthetic grass are guaranteed to stop prospects in their tracks and draw them right into your exhibit.

Act as a Visual Guide

You can use flooring designs as a visual guide to your exhibit. Having a visual “track” for visitors to follow through your exhibit immediately makes it an engaging, interactive experience. You can also use various types of flooring to highlight certain products.

Using assorted colors for your carpeted areas, you can create a walkway; or you can strategically place an alternating tile design in one part of your display to divide a demonstration area from the rest of the exhibit. You can even add creative graphic appliques that manage the traffic flow within the experience.  When you invest in your floor as a part of your custom inline design, it will guide your visitors exactly where you want to lead them.

Set the Tone

In order to create a warm, welcoming environment for convention-goers who have spent most of their day walking around on hard, concrete floors, the process starts from the ground up. Your floor choice can have a lot of influence on the way visitors perceive your exhibit from the outside, so choosing the appropriate flooring for your design is imperative.

When you opt for plush carpeting in place of the convention showroom floor, you create an inviting, relaxing space for prospects to enter and enjoy. The relief they’ll experience by walking onto a softer surface after walking on concrete floors all day will encourage them to stay in your exhibit longer.

Similarly, using brightly colored tiles gives the impression that your exhibit is lively, fun, and entertaining. When you decide to use wood panel flooring, it gives your visitors the sense that your products are luxurious, yet traditional.

The flooring style you choose for your custom inline display can have a significant impact on the kind of atmosphere your attendees experience. Making sure the choice aligns with your brand, message and product is critical.

When you collaborate with a design house like Exhibitus, the success of your trade show booth is our top priority. We know what it takes to create a successful exhibit, and we work directly with you to ensure that your brand is infused into every design choice, from floor to ceiling. Contact Exhibitus today to find out what we can do for your next custom inline.