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How Are Custom Islands Becoming More Green?

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How Are Custom Islands Becoming More Green?

How Are Custom Islands Becoming More Green | Exhibitus

When you think about your trade show island design for the trade show you’ll be attending, you might not be aware of the ways “going green” could help your company. But consider this: recent studies have shown that nearly 600,000 tons of paper waste are left behind after conventions every year.

Going green with your exhibit design can not only help the environment, but can significantly benefit your bottom line as well.

Here are some of the ways custom island design is becoming greener.

Choose Eco-Friendly Building Materials for Your Custom Island Exhibit

Custom islands offer trade show marketers an effective platform for promoting their products and giving prospects an immersive brand experience. One way custom islands are becoming greener is through construction with sustainable materials.

Collaborating with a custom trade show exhibit house gives you the flexibility to have environmentally-friendly materials incorporated into your island display. For example, you can request that your exhibit is constructed using recycled components and renewable materials. You can also make sure that the exhibit’s shipping case and packaging material are reusable and recyclable. Also, having stackable storage cases for between shows reduces the amount of temperature-controlled warehouse space needed.

Use LED Lighting in Your Custom Island Exhibit

Using LED lighting options is another way custom islands are going green. Not only is LED becoming the lighting element of choice for many exhibitors, but it’s an eco-friendly choice as well.

This lighting option uses up to 95% less energy than traditional lighting displays, doesn’t give off unwanted heat and have a longer shelf life than other options. LED is also a popular option for trade show exhibitors because of its various use in displays like lightboxes, which help to attract more visitors to your exhibit.

Consider the Environment When Choosing Giveaways

There are a number of promotional products companies that specialize in sustainable, environmentally responsible merchandise. Using one of their offerings as giveaways at your exhibit will respect natural resources and reduce landfill usage. Once the show is over, consider donating any surplus giveaway items to an appropriate local organization instead of shipping them back at a cost to the environment.

Opt for Digital Trade Show Marketing Materials

Instead of printing out all of your marketing materials, transition them to a digital format. If visitors want additional information about your business or what you have to offer, you can offer a branded USB drive with your company’s information already on it.

Even better, ask attendees for their email address. This way, you can directly send them all of your information and keep in touch via your company’s marketing initiatives. Making the move to digital content reduces printed materials, saves you money and conserves natural resources.

If your trade show exhibit is “green,” be sure to let attendees know. Include signage or messaging that alerts attendees that your exhibit was built with recycled materials, reusable rental properties and/or how it conserves energy. When attendees see your commitment to being eco-friendly, you’ll gain their trust and their business.

Going green with your custom island display is easy when you work with a design house like Exhibitus. We specialize in creating custom environment displays that incorporate many of these green features. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you go green with your next custom trade show exhibit.