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Give Them Six Seconds of Eye-Catching Graphics

Trade Show Design Graphic Design Poster | ExhibitusA typical trade show floor offers many opportunities and distractions! It is estimated that you have six seconds or less to draw the attention of the audience you want to attract. Using images that catch the eye and crafting your message into a few concise words are key to getting targets to step inside your booth, interact with your staff, and remember what your company does long after they leave the show.

Thus, an essential component of trade show design is graphic design.  Bright, vibrant images, accompanied by a few choice words and tag-lines that best describe your core business, should be strategically composed and positioned so that company names and key points are legible when viewed from a distance.

Make Yourself Known

If you are using an island or peninsula configuration, then logos should appear frequently enough to be seen from all angles.  Most importantly, critical elements need to be featured at eye-level to ensure that no one has to guess at who you are and what you offer. Repetition throughout the booth will help attendees commit your message to memory.

Shine Some Light

Use the proper lighting to make sure the graphics and messaging are visible to people passing by. This will avoid getting lost in the bright lights of the trade show floor.

Capture Your Audience

It’s not easy to coordinate all of these expectations, but a knowledgeable graphic designer with trade show experience can make your message go beyond words and meet your exhibit goals.

When executed well, graphics and messaging generate booth traffic and increase qualified leads. At Exhibitus, our graphic design team knows how to create eye-catching, awe-inspiring graphics.  Contact us today at 800.770.4392 to learn how we can help you meet your trade show objectives.