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Back to Conferences… Good, and Different

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Back to Conferences… Good, and Different

It’s always exciting to share positive news! As the custom trade show exhibits and conferences industry begins to return with scheduled events, the team at Exhibitus kept our finger on the pulse of how different business events have been executed. Our featured event did a great job keeping safety in mind.

In early May, the Hunter Investment Conference, one of the premier gatherings for lodging leaders, was held at a hotel in downtown Atlanta. Some 1100 professionals who develop, own and/or manage hotels were in town for the first major hospitality conference. To keep the crowd safe, masks and social distancing were mandated in addition to a required screening process using CLEAR’s Health Pass.

Upon registration, exhibit attendees received instructions via email regarding the safety measures that would be required. Before coming to the hotel, registrants downloaded the CLEAR app on their personal device. No more than 12 hours prior to coming to the event, they used the app to take a health survey to screen for possible symptoms and determined if personal risks existed.

To gain entrance to the ballrooms, meeting rooms and the exhibition hall, attendees passed through a roped reception area with CLEAR kiosks. These kiosks took touchless temperature, integrating the results into the Health Pass app. Security officials reviewed results before admitting attendees to the official conference areas.

As always, when individual monitoring takes place (think security queue at the airport!), people tend to become impatient when asked to stand in line. But the efficiency of the temperature kiosks allowed attendees to move forward at a good pace, keeping attendees excited to be back in real life with industry leaders and colleagues.

As the world continues to open after the devastation of the Pandemic, there will continue to be requirements to keep people safe, especially when a large group is expected. We’ve all learned a new level of patience in the past 15 months, but to keep attendees smiling on the trade show floor, organizers and exhibitors must ensure that safety measures are not only reasonable, but efficient, easy to implement and convenient to use.

Health Pass | CLEAR ( did a good job of screening at the Hunter Conference and should be considered for future face-to-face marketing events. Other options include:

Exhibitus’ team is ready to assist your team in planning an exciting, informative as well as safe, customer experience as you return to face-to-face marketing events. Contact us to learn more.