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Questions… Are you Adaptable?

The third webinar in Exhibitus’ three-part Pivot & Thrive webinar series focused on ADAPTABILITY.  In the final question of the session, Exhibitus, a trade show booth design company, President Brad Falberg, asked the panelists to give fellow marketing professionals a piece of advice for these difficult times. Their responses are below.

Brad: The pandemic has accelerated our need to engage in digital marketing and when the live event comes back it, is going to be  more impactful and productive because we have invested in the digital side of things. All the digital assets you have created and can redeploy.  So based on your individual pivot, what piece of advice would you give your fellow marketing professionals as they look for ways to adapt?

Kevin Reader, Director of Business Development & Marketing, KNAPP:

As we say, the only thing constant is change.  We are thinking about resiliency as part of our program. Don’t be afraid to be creative. Go outside the box of your comfort zone and think about rapid prototyping that leads to innovation.

Dina Biniaris, Marketing Manager, West Fraser:

Don’t be afraid to try something new. As with any marketing project, scope the project, list out your objectives, and especially in this new digital world, ask a lot of questions and you will get through the process with no problem.

Vernon Jones, Senior Marketing Manager – Applications, Mimaki:

One of Mimaki’s sayings is “something new, something different.”  Stay innovative and keep in touch with your customers and end users. Know what they want and cater to their needs. Make this a lifestyle commitment and be passionate about it.

Palmer Holmes, Creative Director,  JL Marine:

Do everything you can to make sure you are not the only person advocating for your business.  We’ve been in the influencer business for 20 years as we have doubled, tripled down on brand. From the vendors we use to the over 1500 dealers we work with, to our over-the-top very generous customer service, we treat every person like they are a VIP and the most important person we’ve ever dealt with. It’s expensive and it is not something we overlook, but it is something we prioritize regardless of that expense. 

 We have customer service that is in-house with industry experts with passion for fishing, and it is clear that we cheer them on every single day. We have generous warranties, and even if you are out of warranty, we are gong to take care of you. We know it is not only going to extend the lifetime value to that customer, but they are also going to become an advocate for our business and our brand.  Through these hard times, we still have hundreds of thousands of people advocating for us every single day.  That’s led to better sustainability for us as a company during these very uncertain times.

Contact us – Exhibitus is ready to help you adapt and innovate to meet the challenges and the opportunities of a world where face-to-face marketing again drives business.