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‘YOUnifying Experiences’ at NRF 2023

Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions-Gold Award ’23 

Hermes Creative Awards

Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions  innovative commerce technology enhances customer engagement, transforms in-store experiences and accelerates digital transformation. The company primarily serves the following industries: grocery, gas & convenience, specialty retail, and restaurant and food service. There are a multitude of hardware and software products that offer solutions for each of these industries.

The design goal for Toshiba’s 2023 trade show exhibit at the National Retail Federation show was to ensure that attendees could easily access their area of interest. The open flow of the exhibit created an inviting and ensured that each area was well-defined with the appropriate branding and product displays. Guests were immersed in how Toshiba is ‘YOUnifying Experiences’ by creating new opportunities for retailers to provide meaningful experiences and build lasting connections with shoppers in the communities they serve.