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Energy Transformation Now

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Energy Transformation Now

Siemens Energy – Gold Award ’23                                       

Hermes Creative Awards

Siemens Energy is a driver of the energy transition strategy in the United States. With a focus on sustainability, on the co-creation of innovations with partners, and on strong engagement in the communities where they have operations, the company seeks to not only deliver on the fundamentals but to lead the energy transformation now.

With this focus, it was critical that the company’s trade show exhibit be as environmentally friendly as possible, as well as provide space for important conversations about innovations in grid technologies with engineers working in the space.  The company is committed to securing partnerships that move energy transformation forward.

The exhibit needed to be large enough to accommodate these conversations comfortably but without the bulk of a custom-designed exhibit.  In addition, the company’s representatives and the target audience needed to feel confident that the company was practicing what it preaches with a  lighter footprint that significantly reduced shipping costs and environmentally-harmful manufacturing byproducts.

Using a modular system and a significant amount of fabric to create the booth was key to reducing the cost of shipping, as well as the negative impact on the environment.