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Wiz Named 2023 Platinum Winner

Exhibitus is excited to announce that its client, Wiz, Inc., has been named a 2023 Platinum Winner in the prestigious MarCom Awards.   

“As an experiential marketing agency, our breadth of expertise, from traditional trade show exhibits to interactive engagements to digital and virtual activations, ensures that innovative companies reach marketing goals,” said Brad Falberg, President of Exhibitus.  “Wiz is a leader in creating experiences for trade show attendees that build meaningful relationships. We celebrate this well-deserved award and are honored to work alongside Wiz to ensure long-lasting success.”

Wiz, Inc.

RSA Conference 2023

Wiz helps organizations create secure cloud environments that accelerate their businesses. Cybersecurity is a serious topic, given the significant disruptions businesses face when bad actors break the security barriers of cloud computing. Founded in late 2020, Wiz is a relatively new company that has gained significant recognition in the cybersecurity industry.

For RSA Conference in 2023, the Company wanted to stand out in the exhibition hall by keeping their environment fun and upbeat while engaging with attendees about their award-winning, critical solutions that are a different approach to the risks of cloud computing.

Using the Wizard of Oz as inspiration, Exhibitus created the story of Wizard of Wiz.  The exhibit was open and inviting with no walls. As attendees approached the exhibit, they enjoyed a visual scene reminiscent of the popular, well-known movie. A large hanging sign and a hot air balloon made of tension fabric could be seen across the exhibit hall. The basket of the hot air balloon served as a magician’s stage. The magician performed for 15 minutes of every hour throughout the show.

The yellow brick road flowed from the exhibit floor into a seamless video wall with theatre seating for product demonstrations. Apples in a tree and the wicked witch’s legs sticking out from under a demo counter added to the story’s details. Graphics reflected the theme and added playful colors to the exhibit. Dorothy, Tin Man and the Scarecrow were available to tell the Wiz story, making for a nostalgic and memorable experience.