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What You Need to Know About Inline Exhibits

An inline exhibit at a trade show is a booth or display arranged in a straight line and typically has exhibits on one or two sides, with only the front of the booth exposed to the aisle. Inline exhibits are typically smaller than island or peninsula exhibits, though they can still be customized with quality graphics, signage, and other promotional materials to attract the attention of attendees and effectively promote products and services. Inline exhibits can range in size from just a few feet wide to several hundred square feet, depending on the design and venue.

Trade show programs often consist of primary and secondary shows, depending on the value of the attending audience to business and program goals. With the right marketing strategy and engagement opportunity, a large, well-designed inline exhibit will draw a crowd similar to an island exhibit at a primary show. Rental kits that are pre-designed offer many inline configurations and provide flexibility based on the importance of the show and the target audience.  For secondary shows, an inline exhibit could be budget-friendly as well as provide increased portability across a number of shows. In addition, the cost of booth space can be less than that of a more central, island location.

Characteristics of Strong Inline Exhibits

An inline booth typically refers to the physical structure of the display area, including walls, flooring, lighting, and other physical elements that help define the space. This type of exhibit can denote the content included in the display, like graphics, signage, products, and other materials that make the space unique. Customized inline exhibits utilize innovative marketing strategies to attract attention and promote a company’s products or services. Check out these characteristics of strong inline exhibits and how they can open up a world of opportunity while maximizing your reach.

Branding Opportunities

Much like walking the streets of a busy city lined with storefronts, inline booths provide ample space to display branding and messaging in unique and exciting ways. As with any exhibit, strategic branding is essential to reinforcing brand awareness and recognition among attendees. Because inline booths are situated along the front-facing aisles of a trade show, you will receive a natural flow of foot traffic, which brings plenty of opportunities to attract attention.

Networking Opportunities

Inline booths also offer a plethora of networking opportunities thanks to their prime location on the show floor’s walkways.  There are many ways to design and set up an inline booth that highlights your key products or services while keeping space for interaction and networking.

Advantages of Inline Exhibits

Consider these advantages of inline exhibits when you design your next trade show booth.


Inline booths located along aisles offer good visibility and exposure to foot traffic at the event. Attendees are more likely to notice an inline booth as they move with the flow of traffic through the main aisles rather than an exhibit tucked away in a corner or at the back of the hall.


Inline exhibits can also be customized to meet the specific needs of your business, including the size, layout, and design. The flexibility of an inline exhibit allows you to create an exhibit that truly emulates the branding and messaging you hope to convey to attendees.


Inline booths are generally more cost-effective, which makes them a good option for businesses with smaller budgets. Instead of spending additional funds on an island space or other prime locations, you can focus your budget on designing an eye-catching exhibit and engagement that can work in a variety of spaces.

Interactive Experiences

Inline exhibits offer attendees the opportunity to interact with your brand in unique ways that fit the messaging and goals of the event. Work with a professional designer to create a standout design that reflects your brand and messaging with experiential marketing strategies to engage your audience.

Custom Inline Exhibits with Exhibitus

At Exhibitus, we design and create custom trade show and event booths, including custom inline exhibits. We also offer a large selection of inline rental options.  Whether purchase or rental, your inline will reflect the specific messaging and brand requirements needed to reach your marketing goals. With high-quality production and project management, we will work on the logistics and installation of your inline exhibit, so you can expect an exhibit that works within your budget and exceeds your expectations. Contact Exhibitus today to get started, and let us design your inline exhibit.