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Top 5 Benefits of Trade Show Booth Rentals

When it comes to event marketing, making a bold statement with a custom trade show exhibit is a savvy move. However, purchasing an exhibit is not the only option for trade show managers today. Trade show display rentals offer several advantages to event marketers that can really make sense for a program’s bottom line.

Here are five benefits of a renting a trade show exhibit.

Benefits of Renting a Trade Show Exhibit


There’s a great degree of flexibility that comes with a trade show exhibit rental. Trade show booth rentals allow event marketers to add, remove and adjust all elements of their exhibit to suit the unique needs of their company without the full investment of ownership.

Renting also enables event marketers to try new branding concepts and evaluate the results prior to determining whether it makes sense to purchase an exhibit outright. Renting also makes it easy to expand exhibit components to include more accessories based on the type and scale of the event.

Range of Options

Renting a trade show booth makes it easy to reap the benefits of a show-stopping exhibit without owning it. A good exhibit design house will offer portable, modular and custom design exhibits for rent that capture the attention of attendees and conserve your company’s marketing resources.

Plus, an exceptional trade show rental gives you the option to rent more than one exhibit at a time or change styles from show to show.

Turnkey Operation

If you own your exhibit, there are a number of factors to consider when getting ready for the trade show.

For example, purchased properties require storage space when your exhibit is not in use. You’ll also need to factor in additional cost of ownership considerations such as repair, refurbishment and disposal of the properties over time.

The alternative benefits when renting a trade show booth is that the properties return to the design house once the show is over. There are no other ownership costs to factor in.


Having a fully customized exhibit design offers your company an opportunity to promote your brand and draw potential clients from throughout the exhibit hall. Renting a trade show booth is a cost-conscious way to deliver measurable results at a fraction of the price of purchasing an exhibit.

Look for a custom exhibit house with a broad range of rental inventory. This way your exhibit display can have all the bells and whistles while staying within your budget.

Friendly to the Bottom Line

Renting an exhibit is good for your company’s bottom line. Renting a trade show booth is a smart way to stay within budget parameters and still stand out in the exhibit hall.

Renting a trade show exhibit can save you precious time and corporate resources, two of the most important things for all business owners. Contact Exhibitus today for information on the wide range of customizable rental exhibits we have to offer you for your next trade show event.