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Three Ways to Reap the Value of Awards

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Three Ways to Reap the Value of Awards

At Exhibitus, our “to the MOON” showcase of awards brings a smile and sense of pride to the company’s employees every day.  The statues that we have won on behalf of our clients are tokens of the value these awards bring to Exhibitus and, most importantly, to our clients and the partnership we have forged with them over the years.  As we have grown to recognize, awards are not only for pats on the back.  Here are three ways that awards add value to these critical relationships.

A Time for Celebration

When an exhibit or engagement experience wins an award, it is definitely time to celebrate. Exhibitus and the client’s exhibit team can stop and smell the roses of victory for a time.  Both teams understand the hard work each brings to the project. It allows for a reflection of where creative ideas began and how through collaboration, creativity and hard physical execution, something amazing is accomplished.   Appreciation of respective skills abounds.  To document the celebration, pictures of the teams with the award are posted and shared internally for all to join in the celebration.


It is also time for the broader world to know about the accomplishment.

For Exhibitus, all marketing channels spread the word about why the entry was granted this accolade.  Customers gain confidence in their face-to-face marketing efforts with us, and prospects are intrigued to explore a potential relationship.

For our clients, social media posts and media coverage alert their world as to the savvy it brings to face-to-face marketing efforts. Clients’ competitors also will take note that they need to up their marketing game.

Confirmation of the Message

However, an award goes beyond the traditional celebration and marketing activities. For Exhibitus, an award is confirmation that our design team understands a client’s business and marketing goals, a critical component if the client is to remain a long-standing customer.  Not only do they know they are working with a stellar exhibit company, but they also can confirm to management and other stakeholders that the marketing messages are being promoted in an attention-grabbing environment.

Justifying the cost of a trade show has always been challenging for exhibit managers, but winning an award that demonstrates a well-executed program certainly lessens that burden and adds value to the program at-large.

At Exhibitus, we work every day to create award-winning face-to-face marketing experiences for our clients. Contact us to learn more about how we can help meet your business goals on the trade show floor.