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Take Your Brand to the Airwaves

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Take Your Brand to the Airwaves

As COVID-19 gripped the nation, businesses lost face-to-face access to customers and prospects. The search then began for ways to stay connected to these important audiences.

During the past year, a number of Exhibitus’ clients added podcasts to extend reach of their message. These audio sessions featured thought leaders and industry experts who could impart information to keep customers informed, as well as entice prospects to consider the company’s business solutions.

Initially, they found that recordings are easy to make with audio software right out of the box, but producing a show that did not have feedback or ambient noise proved challenging, even in empty conference rooms. With an established reputation for quality in all things marketing, particularly on the trade show floor, a lack of professionalism in this replacement activity was not acceptable.

Working with Exhibitus’ custom trade show exhibit design teams, these clients decided to dedicate space in a company-owned building for a recording studio. This meant they could not only control the quality of the output, but also manage environmental factors and the number of people with access, an important requirement given the pandemic safety protocols in place.

Once construction was finished and production began, clients discovered there are a number of ways to use this space during lockdown and beyond.

As the pandemic stretched on, marketing teams recognized that webinars could reach a large and/or highly targeted audiences based on the intent of the session. With an in-house studio, a webinar series gains a professional look that adds to the importance of the subject being discussed. With the audience’s attention and appreciation of the topic, interest in a company’s expertise and solution increases.

With business travel off the table, other uses for a studio became obvious. Customers can be invited to call-in sessions with product experts in-studio with the task of describing and answering questions about a specific release or update. Or moderators in-studio can facilitate panelists who are virtual at remote locations as they discuss topics of interest to a company’s market.

Additionally, online training for customers and employees became necessary during the long months of lockdown. Producing these sessions in a well-designed studio with reliable equipment makes the experience pleasant for all involved.

Even when the world opens up, companies will continue to have sales and product teams in the field, which has always made communications and training with these employees a logistical challenge. With production capabilities, these types of studio sessions can be filmed live and then replayed in the field to ensure that everyone has the information they need to do their job.

It’s a different world from when we left our offices in March 2020. Investing in innovative production capabilities has helped companies stay in touch with important stakeholders during this time. Let Exhibitus help you create a studio space where you can amplify your brand message out to the market even as we return to face-to-face activities. Contact us to learn more.