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Small Details, Big Benefit

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Small Details, Big Benefit

When trade shows come to mind most people, including attendees, sales representatives and exhibit managers, think BIG.  A big show floor, big custom trade show exhibits, big brand messages brightly displayed – all to attract a big crowd wandering aisles with intent. But all of this “bigness” does not move a prospect down the sales funnel without engagement: the degree of emotional intensity felt when connecting to someone, some thing or some belief, followed by acting on that feeling.

Big can be appropriate, but engagement and interest can also be created in small details that provide a sense of surprise and wonder if those details are appropriately woven into a brand story.

At NRF in 2020, Exhibitus and long-time client, Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions, created a city street that offered moments that inspire during a shopping experience.  The company’s brand messages and product demos offered “big” moments of inspiration.  And, on a smaller scale, whimsical street art brought smiles and opened conversations on a cheerful note.

Here are some of the small details that crowds of attendees enjoyed during the show:

The Enso shape is a symbolic circular gesture which encapsulates the spirit of Satori, a Buddhist term for comprehension and understanding.  This was used throughout the exhibit to evoke a sense of quiet comprehension of the possibility of a frictionless shopping experience.





The joy of simple childhood pleasures can be found on city streets.





Dogs seeking the nearest hydrant typically are part of busy street life, and the image provides real-life whimsy.




And what street doesn’t have a few furry creatures that love to shop?!?





At Exhibitus, our creative team delights in finding ways to bring a smile to attendees, building relationships for our clients with their customers through shared feelings of “aha moments” with unexpected details.

Details matter in the execution of an exhibit. Whether you are looking for the big overarching exhibit design for your next face-to-face marketing event, or the small details that engage and charm an audience, Exhibitus provides a complete “soup-to-nuts” experience.  Contact us to learn more about how we can help excite your audience with a total creative approach.