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No Longer On the Back Burner – Interiors That Connect the Value of Your Brand

It’s no secret. Human beings tend to engage in activities that offer an immediate possibility of success and leave those considered “nice to have” for a future day. Businesses also tend to move these projects to the back burner for a less hectic time.

At the beginning of 2020, most U.S. businesses, including the trade show booth design industry, expected to continue operating at a feverish pace thanks to a decade of economic growth. This forward momentum demanded attention and action around sales initiatives and internal operations to ensure growth opportunities were captured. As is typical in busy times, additional programs or infrastructural modifications were put on a list for another day.

Then COVID-19 hit and changed so much for so many. For businesses fortunate enough still to have a reasonable revenue stream, it’s a great time to revisit those back burner projects that could improve customer connections to your brand as the economy works to regain momentum.

A New Lobby, A Conference Room Redo?

Brands evolve over time and as they do, the look and feel of the brand needs to reflect current message and market position. With original construction, a great deal of thought goes into branding a company’s headquarters or other customer facing spaces such executive briefing centers or training facilities. But as years pass, interiors and brand elements on display gradually become outdated and cry for a refresh that aligns with their audience base.

For face-to-face marketing events to garnish the trade show ROI executives expect, a company’s custom exhibit design partner must understand and appreciate the personality and promise of a brand. Through close collaboration between a company’s marketing team and designers experienced in brand promotion, they create an exhibit environment that uniquely reflects a brand. Using the same expertise and collaborative approach, these designers can create a permanent branded space in company facilities that ensure guests, whether customers or prospects, connect with the value of the brand during a visit.

With trade shows and other face-to-face marketing events temporarily on hiatus while the world recovers from the pandemic, Exhibitus is helping clients transform public spaces into environments where the brand promise shines.


Acuity and Exhibitus initially collaborated to create a trade show environment that truly captures the story of how the company’s many brands offer the most value to customers when presented together. From this experience, Acuity gained appreciation for how design that included structures with texture and detailed definition could enhance the company’s lighting solutions. Exhibitus carried this approach into a complete remodel of Acuity’s customer center and training facility at the company’s Atlanta headquarters.

The remodel included a custom-built, curved reception desk that also serves as a hospitality center for customers and guests to enjoy face-to-face interactions during company-sponsored events. Divider walls created separate, unique areas for private conversations and demonstrations, while keeping the overall space visually open. (


The Ricola brand was created by confectionery business Richterich & Compagnie in 1930. To help guests appreciate the long history and strong culture of the brand, Exhibitus designed its U.S. reception area and conference rooms to pay homage to the fresh, clean feel of a scene from the Swiss Alps. A blank divider wall became a beautiful reminder of the company’s heritage.

An actual alphorn is featured in the lobby display, placed at a level where no aspiring horn player can reach the mouthpiece. In the main conference room, a timeline detailing the Company’s rich history can be easily observed by customers and other guests.

Given that all Ricola products are made from the same eight herbs, conference rooms are each named for one of these important ingredients. (




Mimaki’s U.S. headquarters is located outside of Atlanta, Georgia with several regional showrooms located throughout North America. At their New Jersey location, a large industrial space serves as a visitor center where customers and prospects can tour and inspect all of the company’s large printing equipment. The tour begins with a warm welcome and refreshments at the Mimaki Café .

Once an exhibit is no longer used for trade shows, Exhibitus leverages booth components to add to

the design of the visitor centers and showrooms. Thirty foot (30’) lightboxes in the industrial space display large format graphic prints used for face-to-face marketing events. At the same time that customers and prospects inspect the printers, they are also consistently reminded of the end products these printers make possible. (

Expertise Required

At Exhibitus, our team of designers and skilled craftsmen turn an environment into a showcase for a brand. Look around. Do you have a lobby, an executive briefing center or a training facility due for a face-lift? Why not use this time when less people are on site to bring that project to the forefront and prepare for the wave of customer engagement that will come as the economy recovers. Contact Exhibitus to learn more about how we demonstrate the value of your brand through great design and unique, skilled craftsmanship.