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Let Exhibitor Attire Enhance the Environment Experience

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Let Exhibitor Attire Enhance the Environment Experience

When you have a big trade show coming up, your attention is likely focused on designing an exhibit that perfectly encapsulates your company’s brand—and rightly so! Whether you’ve decided on a sleek inline display or an eye-catching custom island, presenting a well-crafted exhibit is essential to enticing attendees to step into your space and learn more about your offerings.

As you develop your trade show design strategy, don’t forget one of your most valuable exhibit elements: the members of your booth staff, all who become your brand ambassadors. Whether they are all recruited from within your own company or enhanced with additional skills from an external talent agency, these advocates are the face of your campaign and provide visitors with that crucial first impression of your company.

Your team’s appearance on the exhibit floor can make all the difference when it comes to maximizing results at your next trade show. Here are some factors to consider as you craft an intentional image for your brand’s ambassadors.

Consider the Target Audience for Your Trade Show Marketing

First, determine who your trade show audience will be and what message you ultimately wish to communicate. Expectations regarding attire and levels of formality vary depending on the types of industries and target audiences represented at the event.  A good rule of thumb is to consider how the majority of attendees will be dressed and aim to take that up a comfortable notch without overdoing it.

Business Casual Attire Works for Trade Shows

In general, trade show dress codes have become less formal in recent years, particularly within the technology field. Still, business casual tends to dominate most convention floors. Balancing approachability with professionalism, business casual is a safe choice for exhibitors looking to make a positive impression.

On the more relaxed end of the spectrum, khaki slacks and branded polo shirts give representatives a clean, customer-oriented appearance while allowing them to remain comfortable throughout the event. At the most informal trade shows, matching high-quality tee-shirts printed with the company’s brand can help attendees identify your friendly team members.

To achieve a more polished look, women might pair dark denim or black dress pants with a colorful blouse, close-toed flats, and a statement necklace. Men would be well-presented in a pressed button-down coupled with dark slacks, shined loafers, and an expressive but tasteful neck tie. In cooler weather, a fitted blazer would serve as a nice finishing touch for both men and women.

Business Professional Attire a Smart Choice for Trade Show Exhibitors

For exhibitions showcasing companies that offer services such as legal or financial consulting, your staff should represent your brand in business professional attire. Customers seeking services in these industries are generally drawn to companies that exemplify decorum, intelligence and wealth.

Exhibitors outfitted in professional business apparel strike a tone of sophistication and discretion as they represent your company. Colors should be kept muted, with preference given to neutrals like black, navy, gray, white and tan. For women, a conservative pantsuit or skirt suit with low heels sends the right message, while men can rely on a traditional tailored suit and tie with polished leather shoes.

Don’t Forget the Details When Planning Your Trade Show Exhibit

For trade show booths that are built around a particular theme or message, choosing attire that continues the theme could be appropriate. For example, if your booth design is based on a sports theme that represents performance, you team might wear fashionable athletic pants with branded vests.

Regardless of the level of formality or the message your attire supports, all brand ambassadors should be encouraged to present themselves at their very best throughout the event.  Because they’ll be on their feet most of the day, it’s important for them to opt for comfortable footwear in keeping with your prescribed dress code.

With a team of brand ambassadors strategically outfitted to communicate your company’s message, your exhibit will be ideally suited to engage prospects and convert them into customers. Call Exhibitus today at 800.770.4392 and find out how we can help you create an alluring exhibit environment, tailor-made for your next trade show.