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Is Trade Show Marketing Worth the Investment?

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Is Trade Show Marketing Worth the Investment?

Attending a trade show is a big investment, but when done correctly, it’s worth the upfront cost. Even with the rise of the digital age, trade show marketing is alive and well. In addition to your trade show ROI, the value of achieving face-to-face interaction with current and potential customers and industry influencers cannot be overstated. When you take the time to track leads and correctly target your trade show investments, you increase the likelihood of getting the best possible ROI for your efforts.

Why Are Trade Shows so Expensive?

Don’t let the sticker shock overwhelm you — trade shows are expensive for a reason, because your costs extend to more than just renting or purchasing a booth. First, you must pay for an exhibit space on the show floor – the more popular the event, the higher the cost of space.

Next, you will need to budget for an extensive list of specialized services and other expenses such as:

  • Shipping and storage of the booth
  • Engagement technology and graphics
  • Show services such as drayage, labor expense for installation and dismantle, electricity, furniture
  • Travel-related expenses for company executives and staff

Also, you will need pre-show marketing and advertising campaigns aimed at the attendees that you want to attract to your booth.

It’s Worth the Investment

Trade show events are an ideal way to meet a ton of potential customers in the span of a few days — customers you may have never met otherwise. You’ll benefit both in sales leads and overall brand awareness. However, if you’re just attracting attention and collecting names, you won’t see the ROI you’re looking for. It’s important to capture, qualify and follow up with strong leads to generate trade show success.

Participating in trade shows benefits your company in more than just lead generation. This is also an opportunity to benefit from industry awareness, market research and testing new products. You won’t just meet current and potential customers — you’ll also be put in contact with suppliers, industry influencers, potential employees or partners, and members of the press who could raise brand awareness by including you in articles covering your industry or your products/services.

Get the Most Out of Trade Shows

Start by having a clear marketing objective, and then find a trade show opportunity that supports those goals. Do your research to find trade shows that support your industry and target market. Prepare ahead of time by practicing what you’ll say and preparing your interactive engagement and promotional materials.

A great trade show design is critical to attracting visitors, as is renting a strategic spot on the trade show floor. Exhibitus specializes in trade show designs that engage your audience and deliver measurable results. We create the perfect mix of branding, messaging, products and services that ensures you get the most out of your trade show investment. If you want a trade show exhibit that attracts visitors, contact Exhibitus today.