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3 Ways Tradeshows Can Maximize Your B2B Marketing Strategy

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3 Ways Tradeshows Can Maximize Your B2B Marketing Strategy

3 Ways Tradeshows Can Maximize Your B2B Marketing Strategy | ExhibitusIn-person events like tradeshows are a valuable tactic for B2B marketers, but you have to approach them with an effective strategy in order to get the most out of your investment. Otherwise, your tradeshow booth could be a flop, generating little to no interest and leaving you wondering if the time and money you spent was worth it.  Never fear!  With plenty of planning, a solid strategy and an eye-catching trade show design, you can effectively execute your B2B marketing strategy at your next tradeshow event.

Establish New Relationships

Participating in a tradeshow is an effective way of connecting with existing customers while attracting new ones into your network. The location of your booth plays a critical role in the success of your efforts. It’s important to understand the layout of the exhibit hall and the configuration of the booth spaces so  you can choose  a location that’s optimal for a high volume of foot traffic and opportunities for visitor engagement.

However, if you are not able to secure one of the more desirable locations, it is important that your design and booth layout compensate. Work with your design team to come up with creative solutions to make your space more noticeable and inviting.

One way to increase the opportunity for immediate interaction with potential new customers is by providing an open and welcoming entryway to exhibit environment. If people can approach your booth without worrying about being trapped, it creates an inviting atmosphere for them to learn about your company, its products or its services. An open and inviting design raises the likelihood that visitors will stop and connect with company representatives.

Keep Visitors Engaged

An effective  exhibit design is only part of what is needed to raise awareness of your brand at a trade show. The employees you place at your trade show booth should be energetic, excited and knowledgeable about the company and its products or services.  Further, they should be well-trained in the booth experience intended at the show, complete with an understanding of the overall goals and objectives.

If they look bored or otherwise uninterested, it will discourage people passing by from stopping and engaging with your company. In addition to product display and enthusiastic employees, your booth should incorporate a multimedia component to maintain interest and communicate your company’s message. Videos, larger-than-life images, motion graphics and other  interactive engagements are an effective method of ensuring beneficial conversations between attendees and your booth staff.

Make an Impact

Tradeshows are a sea of exhibits, with everyone vying for the attention of the same audience. Your B2B marketing strategy may only have seconds to attract and engage visitors, so it’s vital to make an immediate impact and stand out from the crowd. Make sure your brand is prominently displayed so people understand what they’re seeing.

Put the upfront cost into imaginative and innovative giveaways. Pens and t-shirts are a dime a dozen at trade show events, so go for something that represents your brand while being memorable and tying into the exhibit experience. Providing web addresses on a thumb drive or  other premiums that link to relevant content like white papers, brochures and eBooks are another effective way to stand out from the crowd and educate your prospects at the same time.

Trade shows can produce big results if you plan ahead, have a strategy and stand out from the crowd. An innovative trade show design from Exhibitus is a great way to maximize brand impact and draw trade show attendees to your space. Contact us today for more information on how Exhibitus can help your company maximize its B2B marketing strategy at your next trade show event.