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How to Get the Best Exhibit Location at a Trade Show

The best exhibit location at a trade show is one that offers excellent visibility and receives high foot traffic. Finding the perfect location can also depend on a variety of factors, including the shape and layout of the trade show floor, your booth design, and your experiential marketing strategy. Popular locations at trade shows tend to be areas near the entrance, exit, main aisle, or near other popular exhibitors. Here’s what you need to know as you carefully consider your options and choose the best location for your exhibit to help you reach your program goals.

The Importance of Exhibit Location

Consider various factors when determining the best trade show booth location for your brand. Where will your target audience be, and what will attract their attention? What kind of foot traffic do you expect, and how will they interact with booth staff? You may also want to consider proximity to other amenities at the trade show, such as food courts, restrooms, and other features that may interest your target audience. Premium locations are often more expensive, though they tend to generate more traffic and can help generate more leads.

Identifying the Best Booth Location: What You Get with These Locations

Consider these factors when choosing the best location for your exhibit and maximize the benefit of your trade show spot.

Maximum Foot Traffic for Exhibits Near Entrance

Being near the entrance helps attract visitors who are eager to get started and experience everything the show has to offer. This high-traffic area can help attract more visitors to your booth while also increasing your brand exposure.

A Balance of Traffic & Visibility for Center-Positioned Trade Show Booths

A booth with high visibility in the center of a trade show can ensure you get a consistent flow of visitors, especially a space on the main traffic aisle. Booths located in these high traffic areas can be a great spot to catch the attention of your target audience.

Outer Corner Offers Extra Attention Per Attendee

Corner locations offer extra attention to trade show attendees because they often have greater visibility. As visitors turn the corner, your exhibit will be the first thing they see.

Other Factors to Consider When Choosing an Exhibit  Location

Other factors to consider when choosing a booth location include availability, privacy, and competition. If the most desirable booth locations are limited in availability, you need to plan ahead to ensure you can secure the spot that would help you meet your objectives.  Depending on the type of experiential marketing activities planned, you may  want to find a space where longer interactions can occur.  Being located near the competition can also impact the foot traffic in an area.

Tips for Maximizing Trade Show Visibility

When choosing the best booth location at your next event, you can maximize your trade show visibility with a custom booth design that enhances your overall experiential marketing strategy. A visually appealing exhibit helps your brand stand out and attracts more visitors. The effective and strategic use of lighting, technology, and other engaging activities will offer a strong value for investment for your trade show booth no matter the location.  Visit Exhibitus to get started today on a unique trade show booth design, experiential marketing strategy, and comprehensive trade show services to help you stand out.