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How to Appeal to Your Attendees’ Five Senses with Your Next Custom Island Display

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How to Appeal to Your Attendees’ Five Senses with Your Next Custom Island Display

Using a custom island display for your trade show exhibition is a savvy marketing tactic. Making sure that environment appeals to your attendees’ five senses is the next step if you want to increase foot traffic to your custom trade show exhibit and acquire more business as a result.

Here are a few tactics you can use in your next trade show island design efforts to appeal to each of your prospects’ five senses.

Using the Five Senses to Entice Prospects to Your Trade Show Exhibit


Lighting is a great way to stimulate the visual senses. Fixtures such as lightboxes are a great advertising mechanism that can be seen from across the showroom floor. LED lights are an attractive lighting choice that can be used in multiple ways and are eco-friendly as well.

Color is another visual element that can be used to attract more attendees to your booth. Color choices can have a significant impact on the way visitors perceive your brand before they even walk inside your exhibit.


When you’re in the midst of a busy convention center, appealing to your visitors’ sense of sound can be tricky. That’s why it’s important to consider the type of event and whether having background sounds or music are a good choice for your exhibit.

If you do decide to incorporate music, be sure it won’t inhibit conversation between you and your prospects or cause issue with neighboring exhibitors. Incorporating appropriate music in a subtle fashion will allow you to create an enjoyable, welcoming environment.


Appealing to your visitor’s sense of smell is an often underestimated, yet powerful tool. Our sense of smell is generally associated with strong feelings or memories. Using scents that evoke positive feelings or memories, therefore, can increase the number of visitors to your exhibit, and could even evoke positive feelings about your products and company. Lavender, vanilla and citrus scents are typically safe aromas to incorporate in an exhibit environment, but finding the right scent and the appropriate intensity could take some market research. Any negative feedback from attendees should be considered.

Using Taste and Touch to Win Over Trade Show Attendees


One of the easiest ways to draw people into your exhibit is by appealing to their taste buds. If your business is in the food industry, then this will likely already be incorporated into your exhibit. But even if your business is not food-related, offering complimentary refreshments is a great way to appeal to convention attendees and convince people to commit more time in your exhibit.

But make sure the free samples are being used as a way to draw more prospects in so that the booth staff can have a meaningful engagement. Fortunately, everything from water bottles to candy wrappers can be customized with your logo, so be sure to take advantage of these opportunities to promote/extend your brand both in and out of the exhibit.


The element of touch is very important when you’re showcasing your products at a trade show. Touching a product can convey its quality to a potential buyer. Additionally, the characteristics of a product (such as softness, smoothness or strength) can really be a selling point – one that can’t be experienced unless products are available to touch. Appealing to your visitor’s tactile senses are crucial in this case.

Other ways to incorporate touch is through tactile interactive engagement. This may include the use of touchscreens or other audio-visual resources, as well as customized engagements that encourage visitors to problem-solve or actively participate in various ways.

Having a custom design house work with you to create an exhibit that includes these elements will ensure that your brand is communicated through every design choice. Contact Exhibitus today to see how we can incorporate sensory elements into your custom island exhibit.