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Exhibitus Wins Sizzle Award from Exhibitor Magazine

The Company’s “Easy as Pie” Integrated Campaign Honored for HolisticApproach to Face-to-Face Marketing

Atlanta, Georgia, 17 October  2019 – Exhibitus is excited to announce that its integrated marketing campaign, Easy as Pie, has been awarded a prestigious Sizzle Award by Exhibitor Magazine.

The campaign included eight (8) full-page advertisements in Exhibitor Magazine, as well as similarly-styled online ads.  Each ad began with the headline, Get a Taste of the Good Life, and included a caricature of a “relaxed” piece of PIE in an out-of-office destination. Accompanying text described a program challenge and explained how Exhibitus shoulders the responsibility so PIE can enjoy its surroundings.

“At Exhibitus, we understand the complexity our clients face every day,” said Brad Falberg, President of Exhibitus. “As we collaborate to create compelling programs that attract, engage through interactive exhibit designs and deliver measurable results, it is our job to lessen the demands and pave the way so they can Get a Taste of the Good Life. This campaign was born out of a discussion around our goal of making life Easy as Pie for our clients every day, and we are very pleased with this recognition for our efforts.”

Continuing with the PIE theme at ExhibitorLIVE 2019, Exhibitus’ exhibit was designed as a neighborhood café – a place where visitors could sit casually at tables, chat with sales people about program challenges and view an interactive “menu” of exhibits and engagement installations, all over coffee and pie.  Afterwards, visitors were invited to participate in the Company’s Cause Marketing activity that resulted in Exhibitus donating 9,000 meals to an organization called “Feed My Starving Children.” All promotional materials, social media posts and call-to-action activities leading up to ExhibitorLIVE included pie-themed images.

The article in the October edition of Exibitor Magazine highlighted the measurable results that Exhibitus achieved at ExhibitorLIVE, including a payback ratio of 6:1.

Exhibitor Magazine’s annual Sizzle Awards highlight the impact of promotions and provide insight of tested strategies to consider for face-to-face marketing events. According to Exhibitor, the Sizzle Award judges identify entries that meet two criteria: 1) a level of inventiveness rivaling that of Edison, and 2) measurable results that prove the promo was more than mere fun and games.