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Exhibitus Initiative Supports Workforce of the Future

Programs include Designs Scholarship Award and Internship Opportunities

Atlanta, Georgia   11 July 2024 – In continued support of industry-focused initiatives, Exhibitus has developed two programs to encourage young, creative talent interested in art-related positions to consider careers in experiential marketing. 

The Company has awarded its second Exhibitus Design Scholarship to Hope Ridley, a Grand Valley State University sophomore pursuing a Bachelors of Fine Arts (BFA) in Graphic Design with a minor in Marketing. As a high school student, Ridley explored many diverse projects that rely on a well-trained graphic designer. She found she could pursue her love of the arts while also helping businesses design a creative approach to outreach.

Ridley stated, “I am honored that a company in my field of study would choose to award me a design scholarship! I look forward to digging deeper into graphic design.”

Exhibitus also established an internship program for design students currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in industrial design, exhibit design, interior design or architecture. Primary program goals include understanding a brand and translating that brand into experiential mediums, cultivating exceptional design aesthetics, and experiencing large format graphics and 3-dimensional environments.

Hannah Maxwell, a rising senior at Auburn University studying industrial design, was selected for the 2024 internship program. Exhibitus’ creative team has led her design training and mentorship experience.  During her time here, she has design three exhibits for an Exhibitus client, adding  “real world” projects to her portfolio. In addition, she has witnessed firsthand the Company’s skilled craftsman take branded design and fabricate an awe-dropping physical environment. She also has been introduced to the professional interpersonal and communication skills needed for career success.

“Being a part of Exhibitus and having such a dynamic and experienced company invest in my growth as a student designer has meant so much to me,” said Maxwell. “It has provided me with invaluable experiences to develop my problem solving, practice design within industry, and learn teamwork. Every individual here is playing a formative role in maturing my design journey.”

“The future of the experiential marketing industry depends on its ability to attract a wide variety of creative talent, as well as skilled craftsmen for complex fabrication,” said Brad Falberg, President of Exhibitus. “The EDPA is working to support companies as they develop programs to attract students in universities and trade schools. Exhibitus is committed to these initiatives and excited to be a part of this important industry work.”

Phoenix Graphic by Hope Ridley