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Exhibitus And Von.Lea Named Platinum Winner by Hermes Creative Awards

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Exhibitus And Von.Lea Named Platinum Winner by Hermes Creative Awards

Receives Award for Magazine Advertisement in International Competition

Atlanta, Georgia (PRWeb) 05 May 2016Exhibitus today announced that its advertising agency, Von.Lea Creative Group, and the Company were named “Platinum Winner for Magazine Advertisement” by Hermes Creative Awards.

Hermes Creative Awards is an international competition for creative professionals involved in the concept, writing and design of traditional materials and programs, and emerging technologies. These awards celebrate outstanding achievement and talent.

The winning magazine ad was created as a part of a nine-month print and online campaign that ran in Exhibitor Magazine beginning in September 2015.

“Exhibitus was looking to increase awareness of its “Design Matters” philosophy without using the typical booth or trade show photo seen in event and exhibit-focused magazines,” said Kimberlee Jones, CEO and Creative Director of Von.Lea. “Throughout the campaign, we chose dynamic imagery to portray the impact this philosophy has on trade show marketing programs, while at the same time showcasing the company’s open, fun and at times, whimsical culture.”

“Kimberlee and the Von.Lea team did an incredible job translating our “Design Matters” concepts into ads that showed experience and excitement for what we do,” said Brad Falberg, President of Exhibitus. “Every one of the ads was a visual stop in the magazine. We are so pleased that this work is being awarded the recognition it deserves.”

Von.Lea Creative Group

Von.Lea Creative Group, Inc. is an independent creative agency headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, providing complete branding solutions and custom marketing & advertising services.

With a national and international client base, the firm pushes creative territories in the design industry, ensuring a seamless partner experience and end user messaging.

As razor-sharp creative thinkers, the company has won distinctive awards in its field, by turning great ideas into successful actions and adhering to its philosophy of “doing good work.” As such, Von.Lea is a trusted and dynamic business partner.

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