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Common Mistakes of Trade Show Exhibit Design

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Common Mistakes of Trade Show Exhibit Design

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The common misconception that “bigger is better” when it comes to trade show booth design is a dangerous trap for many smaller companies. It is true that the larger booth spaces tend to be in locations that attendees must pass as they make their way through the trade show floor.

However, this guaranteed visibility does not mean success, especially if a company does not have enough content, engagement opportunities or booth staff to appropriately accommodate the space.  Too much empty space could convey that the booth is not attracting a crowd and, therefore, does not have anything interesting or unique to offer.

Be realistic  about your resources, as well as how many attendees are truly your target audience. Match the size of your space with the number of attendees you expect to engage.  Also, give consideration to the custom trade show exhibit size of your competition. You don’t have to “keep up with the Joneses,” but make sure you don’t look like you lack the resources to compete by staying within a general range of what the completion has secured.

Simplified Graphics

It’s tempting when designing a booth to include graphics that contain a large amount of information, either about the company, its products or services.  But booth visitors need a clear, concise message when they approach your exhibit. This approach doesn’t mean you need to have an over-simplified, one-word graphic, but you need to make sure your brand and core message can be clearly perceived.

Graphics with product or service benefits should be inside the booth where they can support engagement activities. Do not include detailed information in the messaging, as booth staff can share appropriate aspects of the company’s business or solutions during discussions with attendees.

Prepare Daily

When you’re preparing to have a dinner party or get together, the hours leading up to it are filled with frantic preparation to ensure a welcoming environment to all your visitors. By the time the last guest leaves, all your hard work is seemingly undone, but you don’t care because you made it through the day.

Trade shows tend to operate the same way, and you have to refresh your display before the start of each day. The last thing you want are smudges, spills or trash cluttering the booth you worked so hard to design. Once an hour, have someone do a quick tour of your exhibit to pick up any trash left behind. Ensuring your booth always looks fresh is well worth the hassle.

Designing your booth doesn’t have to be a stressful process. Avoid these mistakes and leave your show feeling proud and excited. Exhibitus specializes in creating custom exhibit designs and engagements catered to whatever your company needs. For any questions or a custom quote, contact us today!