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6 Trade Show Booth Lighting Tips

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6 Trade Show Booth Lighting Tips

6 Trade Show Booth Lighting Tips | Exhibitus

Drawing the eye of your event attendees is always the goal, but it’s no easy feat. From location to size, many factors go into the number of visitors that make their way to your exhibit. However, often lighting is not a high priority and can easily be overlooked when renting an exhibit.  With your next trade show booth rental, consider the following lighting tips to make your exhibit shine bright next to your competitors.

1.    Large Trade Show Exhibits Call for Layered Lighting

The lighting needs of a large exhibit are far different than those of a smaller one. The grandeur of a bigger booth makes it feel more permanent, and visitors pick up on and are attracted to that vibe. Achieve this look by layering your lighting within the exhibit with accent, task and ambient lighting. Varying the lighting details in different areas  brings more depth to the display, evoking a sense of permanence.

2.    Bring Attention to Specific Areas within Your Trade Show Exhibit Rental

If your exhibit is large with a number of separate areas,  smaller, but important items could get lost in the mix. Things like the company logo, marketing materials and handouts, and even products can be overshadowed by the magnificence of the display. Use accent lighting to call out the minute, but critical details you want attendees to notice.

3.    Make Your Tradeshow Exhibit Rental “Green”

No, not literally green, unless it’s a part of your brand palette. Go green with your lighting by using LED lighting. This long-lasting (up to 10,000+ hours!) and eco-friendly option consumes less energy and can save you money. Save green by going green.

4.    Consider Your Trade Show Booth Staff with Lighting

Blue lighting may give a cool, trendy ambiance, but is it making your staff look frail and sickly? Flatter your staff with warm lighting that creates a natural look. You have to strike a careful balance between warm and welcoming, yet bright and cheerful illumination.

5.    Highlight Your Exhibit’s Kiosks

Great lighting can go a long way with kiosks, especially for areas where products are highlighted or demonstrated. Consider adding LED light tape or an attached light box to really make your demo stations pop. Adding just a little bit of accent lighting can go a long way.

6.   Learn What’s Allowed

Exhibition halls often have electrical requirements and restrictions. Certain facilities even restrict the types of light bulbs that can be used. Find out in advance what is allowed and disallowed at your next tradeshow.

Are you looking for more ideas for your next trade show rental? At Exhibitus, we specialize in customized booths and work with budgets of all sizes. Contact us today to learn more about your trade show exhibit program.