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10 Trade Show Exhibit Trends for 2019

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10 Trade Show Exhibit Trends for 2019

It is no secret that trade show managers want their exhibit to stand out from the crowd. So staying on top of design trends is an important aspect of the job. Although technology and social media are consistently changing the marketing landscape, committing to the right trade show booth design for your company will always be in style. Here are ten design and technology trends that event managers need to keep in mind for the new year.

1. Selfie Walls and Spaces

The selfie: a trend that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Drive traffic like never before by providing a “selfie space” for attendees. They’ll love the opportunity to post something fun while on the job, and you’ll love the brand exposure it brings in the digital space.

2. Repurposing Wooden Pallets in a Trade Show Booth

The wooden pallet was once seen only as a means of transporting goods. Today, designers are leveraging it for a rustic, organic look both in the home and in custom trade show exhibits. Pallets are universal and offer a variety of DIY opportunities in a booth. From furniture to display walls, pallets can be used as-is or separated into sections for accent pieces.

3. A Space within a Space: Containers

Just as wooden pallets can be reused as structural pieces in a booth, shipping containers have also been spotted as an up-and-coming repurposed material. Not only do shipping containers feel private and secluded, they’re also guaranteed to make you stand out. While in the design phase of your exhibit, suggest stacking containers for a sky-high, memorable look.

4. Virtual Reality

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention this technology trend. Virtual reality (VR) draws attendees in and appeals to their senses through a dynamic, brand-specific presentation. The numbers don’t lie:  53% of people are more likely to buy from a company that leverages VR at a trade show than the ones that don’t.

5. Designate a Meeting Room

Typically, a company exhibits at a trade show to network and gather highly-qualified leads. Afterwards, sales reps follow up and set appointments to close the deal. But what if you took out that middle step? Reps can set those meeting right on site when their prospects are already thinking about your company.

You can do this by incorporating a private, designated meeting space right in your booth. This is where prospects can feel safe asking questions in a quiet setting. Give attendees the option to schedule an appointment in your space, especially if they are, or can influence, the decision maker.

6. The Lego® Approach

If you’ve ever played with Lego® blocks, you already have a visual image in your head for what this type of booth looks like. From the seating area to walls and dividers, everything can be built and broken down into smaller configurations.  These exhibits are not only cost-effective, but also provide the opportunity to try different layouts to see what works best for each show. This approach can offer a light, whimsical feel that is inviting to attendees.

7. Incorporate Unique Lighting

No longer are the days where a standard, flat screen TV is all you need to capture your attendees’ attention. Although lighting isn’t a new concept for trade show exhibitors, how it is used is being revisited. Leveraging shadow and light can create a polished ambiance, infuse eye-catching movement, and showcase products in your booth like never before. Intertwining down lighting, shadows and monitors makes for a memorable look.

8. Making Your Trade Show Design More Human

Your attendees are human, so why not appeal to their emotions, senses, and imagination? Don’t be afraid to mix textures, fabrics, and unexpected colors to capture their attention. Going into 2019, expect to see more booths using techniques like 3-D mapping and texturized displays.

9. Mystery and Suspense

Pique attendees’ interest by having an exhibit that creates an air of mystery. Your fellow exhibitors are likely to have an open environment where all of their products are visible to the attendee from the aisle. Having an exhibit that requires attendees to “peek around the corner” could entice prospects to learn more. Just be sure that the secrecy pays off and your attendees have a memorable, meaningful experience once inside.

10. Make Yourself at Home

Trade show guests are on their feet all day, so an inviting, relaxing space in your exhibit could be the nudge they need to come by. This trend is especially useful if your company sells products that can be found in the home. Attendees can relax in a peaceful environment and envision your product at work in their own environment.

If keeping up with trade show design trends is overwhelming, work with an exhibit design house, like Exhibitus, who lives and breathes them. We’re an industry-leading design company that specializes in building exhibits that deliver results. Contact us today to learn more!