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5 Ways to Engage Attendees at Trade Shows

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5 Ways to Engage Attendees at Trade Shows

Considering that 4-out-of-5 attendees are existing or potential customers for exhibitors, trade shows offer a chance to form or enhance relationships and increase a company’s opportunity for success. .

Ultimately, event managers must understand and prove their trade show ROI. That process starts by engaging and converting visitors in an environment that offers many other options. They must grab the attention and engage their audience when their competitors are faced with the same challenge. Increasing attendee numbers and converting them into leads is possible if your brand stands out. Here are a few tips for boosting attendee engagement to consider for your upcoming trade shows.

1. Introduce Your Customers to The Age of The Jetsons

In a space congested with competitors vying for the same attention pool, giving visitors an immersive experience secures their interest. Technologies like virtual and/or augmented reality and touchscreen display kiosks are powerful tools that grab attendees’ attention and imagination. VR and touch technology can both be gamified, while touchscreens can be used to display interactive documents. Some viable options for VR are Google Cardboard, Oculus VR, and HTC Vive.

However, these options can come across as gimmicky if they’re not aligned well with your exhibit’s overall messaging. Any technology you incorporate needs to support the benefits of what you offer. The goal is to engage the attendees in a memorable way while clearly communicating what the prospect will gain from buying your product or service.

2. A Great Visual Is Worth A 1000 Words

High-quality visuals in your booth are extremely effective when it comes to attracting customer attention to your exhibit. Sleek, eye-catching displays set a great first impression and can be easily integrated with other marketing tactics like video, social and selfie walls.

Video walls and backdrops allow exhibitors to offer better content to their audience and increase foot traffic. Digital signage with images and questions aimed at attendees tends to perform and engage better. In fact, the digital signage industry is expected to grow to around USD $31.71 billion by 2025 because of the benefits it lends to cause of brand marketing.

Thanks to the rise in holographic technology, screen-less displays are taking over. Letting 3D visual images dominate your event enhances overall attendee interest and engagement.

3. Fun and Games with Your Demos

Informing and educating your attendees through interactive exhibit designs about your services and products should be exciting and engaging. Attendees want memorable interactions with a product, rather than simply reading or hearing about it.

One-on-one live demos with accompanying activities lets attendees familiarize themselves with the brand and the functionality of the product. Furthermore, it builds the foundation of a relationship that could evolve to loyalty.

Incorporating in-booth games creates a fun learning environment for attendees, and an enjoyable way for your exhibit staff to interact and start relationships with potential customers. Pair interactive games with prizes for participation, as having winners keeps your attendees feeling appreciated and engaged.

4. Get Your Swag On

Freebies garner a lot of attention and attract large crowds. Allowing attendees to take a souvenir with your brand logo and information, or take pictures against your corporate mascot, does wonders in terms of social media exposure.

Although your options are endless when it comes to company swag to giveaway, make sure you invest in premium swag that people will actually use. From free picture booths to high-end products like USB chargers or wireless headsets, choose items that fit your company, theme and budget. Ensure the premium gift is something trendy, yet unique enough to differentiate your brand/booth from competitors. Attendees are more likely to swarm to your booth for exclusive items.

5. The Art of Living, Breathing and Speaking ‘Attendee’

About 92% of attendees say they are looking for new products at the show. But as the day progresses and they walk the “million miles” of trade show floor, so too does their fatigue. Focusing on their comfort is a great way to get them looking at your products.

Having relaxation lounges, or comfortable pods will make your exhibit a destination after many hours on foot.

Additionally, attendees are likely to be on the lookout for charging areas and free Wi-Fi. Adding these services will increase their comfort as you strike up a conversation that casually introduces your brand without a hard-sell approach.

Whatever way you choose to represent your company, offering attendee comfort and retaining their interest should be at the core of your display design methodology.

If you’re hoping for attendee engagement to soar, hire a reliable and professional exhibit house to help with your experiential design. Our team of designers and marketers will take your products and services to new creative heights, converting engagement to business value.

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