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5 Tips for First-Time Exhibitors

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5 Tips for First-Time Exhibitors

5 Tips for First-Time Exhibitors | Exhibitus

Exhibiting at trade shows is an exciting and productive way to promote your business and quickly enjoy recognition in your sector. Noteworthy trade show booth design can make you stand out in the crowd. However, a well-designed booth isn’t the only thing exhibitors have to consider for a successful show. Here are our five top tips for first-time exhibitors.

1. Register Early for Your Trade Show

Most trade shows offer discounted rates for companies who swoop in early for registration, saving you money in the long run. Registering early also gives you more time to plan an engaging exhibit. The more time you have to plan, the less likely you are to have last-minute, stressful changes.

2. Communicate with Trade Show Attendees

Reviewing the event’s attendee list can help you to tailor your exhibit design and messaging towards your target audience for the show, allowing you to “play to your audience.” Often, you can reach out to these attendees before the event using social media or email to let them know you will be participating. Just make sure you are  following the event’s communication rules and not violating email laws.

3. Pay Attention to Your Emails

Although inboxes can seem like infinite pits, you must keep on top of emails leading up to an event. Event coordinators will communicate vital instructions in the weeks and days before your show. By ignoring emails, you run the risk of breaking event regulations, which could prevent you from exhibiting altogether. Be sure to check your Junk folder as well, just in case.

4. Tradeshows are for Networking

Networking and connecting is an essential part of business, and trade shows are a great place to do so. Discussion panels, seminars, workshops and product releases are the ideal places to meet other companies and clients who may be interested in your service. Whether you meet potential partner companies or potential future clients, the networking opportunities at trade shows are limitless.

5. Staff Your Booth Appropriately

Although your exhibit may look amazing, you need to ensure that you have enthusiastic staff members there to engage attendees. Put your best foot forward by using your charismatic and informed employees to work at the booth.

One of the most important elements of pre-show planning is booth-staff training. Be sure to discuss the objectives and messaging for the show as they relate to the company’s marketing strategy, as well as provide instructions for interactive engagements and product demos. Review the schedule when they are expected to be at the booth, making sure everyone has sufficient breaks throughout the day to avoid burn out.

When looking to boost your trade show ROI and future opportunities, it is essential to take these tips into account. Having an expertly designed exhibit is also a top priority, allowing you to enhance your brand recognition. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our professional exhibit design services.