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5 Reasons You Need a Conference Room in Your Trade Show Booth

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5 Reasons You Need a Conference Room in Your Trade Show Booth

It is not unusual for a trade show booth to have an area where exhibitors can sit down with current or potential clients and discuss their needs, current program details, or objectives for future projects.

These conference room spaces are built within your trade show booth and can be designed as a private meeting room, a semi-private area or an open space that is appropriately integrated into the flow of the exhibit. It all depends on an exhibitor’s objectives and what types of conversation they will be having with clients.

To make the best use of space, exhibitors should work with a global exhibit design company. Such an agency has experts that know how to incorporate these types of meeting spaces into their trade show booths.

Here’s why your trade booth design needs to incorporate a designated space to chat.

Create Private Environments

Often, a client will want to discuss their projects with exhibitors, especially if high-ranking executives are at the show. These conversations are best done in private.

A conference room located right on the show floor allows exhibitors to hold private conversations without the need to change locations, making it more convenient and accessible.  It also creates an area where new clients can talk about their objectives or even sign contracts, while hidden away from prying eyes.

Some exhibitors may work with international clients. Being able to provide a space for these clients to meet with executives from a company can be very helpful in strengthening their relationships. In some cases, a face-to-face meeting can save a contract or expand the services provided to a client. Having a private area for these negotiations can be invaluable.

Make the Space Even More Private with a Raised Area

For exhibitors that need exclusivity as well as privacy, they may want to work with a design company to create a raised conference room. Two-story booths must be designed for stability and safety, as well as offer maximum privacy. With the addition of an elevated conference space, exhibitors do not have to worry about others overhearing their discussions. It is also quieter because the noise from other booths is not as distracting.

Impress New Clients

Trade shows are often the first place new clients interact with a company. First conversations are often critical to forming an ongoing relationship. Private areas can ensure that those discussions are productive, and allow exhibitors to offer potential clients refreshments, a comfortable place to sit, and an impressive area that represents the company and its values.

Let a Design Company Provide Luxury and Elegance

A private area on the show floor does not have to be designed strictly for business. It can also be an elegant, luxurious space that provides customers and potential clients the full experience a company offers. This will differ from company to company, but a good design firm can turn this area into an immersive experience for clients that will be memorable once they leave.

Make Presentations to Select Clients

Another benefit of incorporating a private conference room is that it creates a space where private audio/video presentations can be made.  These presentations may be tailored to current customers or designed as a sales pitch where targeted attendees can ask questions about the company without the distraction of the trade show floor.  These private areas can also act as  “whisper rooms,” providing VIP clients important information in advance of a new launch or release.

Contact Exhibitus Today to Design a Conference Space

The experts at Exhibitus can create a number of different open, semi-private, or private meeting spaces for any trade show exhibit. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help create an environment that meets your brand’s face-to-face marketing objectives.