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4 Reasons Companies Need a Trade Show Inventory Management & Ordering Tool

A trade show booth design that will attract targeted attendees is the first step to trade show success.  If done correctly, the various components of the exhibit will come together to effectively promote the company’s brand and messaging.  Thus, it is critical that all pieces, big or small, arrive on the trade show floor for assembly.

Once the show is over and the booth is returned to a warehouse, checks must be made to ensure all components have been returned and are ready for future shipment.

Tracking hundreds of pieces that complete a booth is not easy.  Working with a custom exhibit design company that offers a robust inventory management tool to facilitate this significant task will improve results and significantly lessen anxiety around managing trade show properties.

Here are some reasons why exhibitors should partner with an exhibit house who can account for their client’s properties with inventory management tools:

Track Every Aspect of a Trade Show Booth

There are a wide variety of components that make up a trade show booth, including:

  • The architectural structure, kiosks and hardware components fabricated from wood, metal or grid wall
  • Signage and displays that include graphics with the company logo and messaging to promote brand and products
  • Audio visual equipment and interactive engagements that further conversations with attendees through product demonstrations, formal presentations or informational discussions
  • Interior furniture such as chairs and tables to facilitate interactions with attendees
  • Flooring for the exhibit space
  • Literature and giveaways to remind attendees of the brand once they have left the trade show floor

As you can imagine, keeping track of all of these components can be a daunting task, especially for an exhibitor attending multiple trade shows annually.  When company representatives arrive at a trade show only to find they are missing any portion of their properties or there are pieces that are in need of repair, sales opportunities and trade show ROI are in jeopardy.  Having an online inventory system that ensures properties are reserved, tracked and checked-out of a system helps to minimize issues on the show floor.

Schedule Inventory Turnover

Over time, especially with regular use, booth components will show wear or become outdated.  With the aid of an inventory management tool, the age and usage of components can be tracked, as well as the amount of normal wear and tear.  This allows an event team to make decisions about which parts should be replaced and when, well before the next trade show use.  By replacing parts as needed and not on a rush schedule, the exhibit continues to look fresh, maintenance costs are minimized and those on the show floor have less worry about a component potentially breaking at a show.

Real-Time Calendars

An inventory management tool with a real-time calendar is necessary in order to keep track of upcoming shows, deadlines for when exhibits need to be shipped, and when a booth is scheduled to be returned to the warehouse.  The calendar shows which properties are already reserved and will not allow for double-booking of the properties through the scheduling system.

With a management tool that has administrative and user rights, all of this information can be accessed by approved teams and updated as needed. Having visibility is key to keeping event managers from being overwhelmed, especially during a busy trade show season.


Not only does an inventory management tool track usage/wear, these systems typically produce reports that document the usage history, as well as provide other information that can help ROI.  Reporting features can include:

  • Inventory – complete items that can be reserved, along with images and dimensions
  • Property Usage – all history on inventory use
  • Premium and Giveaways – non-replenishable items currently in stock
  • Decommissioned Properties – all items that have been authorized to be remove from inventory

These reports can be used to determine the overall cost of the booth elements, assist in preparing budgets for replacing or updating it, and help company leaders make informed decisions about their trade show program in the future.

The Exhibitus EMS Tool

The proprietary Exhibitus EMS tool provides these benefits and more. This custom-designed application  can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere via the internet, allowing clients to view calendars and manage inventory from any device. Whether you are initiating a trade show program, or sending multiple properties to trade shows around the world,  Exhibitus EMS has the ability to track and schedule with confidence. Contact Exhibitus today to learn more.