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3 Ways Storing Your Trade Show Booth Makes Life Easier

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3 Ways Storing Your Trade Show Booth Makes Life Easier

Building a custom trade show booth design that promotes brand and products in the best possible light to target attendees is exciting for a face-to-face marketing team. But having to justify costs associated with the care of that property to corporate management can be challenging.  Exhibits must be stored between events, and it is not unusual for management to suggest that a booth be stored at a company-owned facility to avoid storage fees. However, there are a number of other factors besides space to consider when deciding the best trade show booth storage option for your company. Here are three things to take into account when determining where to house this valuable asset.

1. Eliminate the DIY Storage Hassle

When a company stores their own trade show properties, they give up a portion of their own warehouse, building or manufacturing space, forcing them to set aside an area that they could use to support an aspect of their own business.  Even if floor space is abundant, the marketing team would bear ultimate responsibility for loading and unloading booth components as they are shipped in and out of the facility.

Also, keeping track of each crate in a busy warehouse could be problematic.  It is easy to imagine that a custom crate containing trade show items could be quickly moved aside for convenience, but then getting lost among other boxed materials as they are shifted from one area to another.

Shipping arrangements are another issue that the marketing team would need to address if using a company-owned location.  Since most exhibit houses have storage facilities located in areas with easy access to major transportation hub, it is often less expensive to ship an exhibit to a trade show directly from the exhibit house’s warehouse.  Consolidating shipments are also possible when using an exhibit house with a large customer base.

2. No Piece Left Behind

With a storage service agreement, companies are no longer responsible for maintaining an extensive list of items needed for their booth. Exhibit houses offering storage and warehouse services are paid to control each component of an exhibit property at all times.

To accomplish this, management systems are integrated with electronic bar coding software and hardware, allowing information about each component of an exhibit to be inventoried, tracked and shipped according to event requirements.  Trade show managers do not have to worry about incurring the cost associated with securing items to replace missing ones.

3. Repairs are Simplified

When an exhibit is returned to an exhibit house for storage, components are checked for damage as they are returned to inventory. Should a repair be necessary, the exhibit house team can expertly make sure the property is fixed and ready for the next event prior to storing the exhibit.

This is also true for cleaning areas that suffered spills or heavy traffic that left their mark.  It is the goal of the exhibit house to make sure your exhibit is repaired, clean and functions as originally designed. After all, this exhibit represents your brand and carries the message that will help meet your event and corporate objectives for the next trade show you attend.

Make Trade Show Booth Storage Easy

There is no need to spend a lot of money, space or effort when it comes to storing your  trade show booth, especially if you are working with an exhibit house that offers storage and warehousing services. Exhibitors that are in need of booth storage and warehouse services can contact us today to discuss how Exhibitus can assist you with all of your storing and booth shipping needs.