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3 Ways to Use Technology in Your Trade Show Exhibit

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3 Ways to Use Technology in Your Trade Show Exhibit

3 Ways to Use Technology in Your Trade Show Exhibit | ExhibitusTechnology continues to advance every day, connecting companies across countries and colleagues wherever they work. Technology is also connecting businesses and prospects on the trade show floor.

Event marketers are making the most of today’s technology at trade shows by incorporating interactive elements into their exhibit spaces and product demonstrations. Your company can use technology as part of a trade show booth design that effectively promotes your brand to trade show attendees and at the same time help foster meaningful, memorable engagement.

Here are three ways to maximize the use of technology in your trade show exhibit.

Use Video Tech for Brand Messaging in Your Exhibit Space

Direct line of sight messaging is a key part of capturing the attention of trade show attendees. You can use technology to amplify your brand to visitors. For example, strategically placed video monitors with appropriate messaging can serve as digital signage, introducing your brand or a product you are promoting at the show. Digital signage is a cost-saving  alternative to paper brochures, as well as helping the environment by not contributing to the tons of waste trades show generate each year.  You can also customize digital signage from show to show instead of having to reprint or create new signage.

Use Mobile Tech to Move Prospects to Share about Your Brand

Smart phones have revolutionized society by putting a powerful computer in almost everyone’s pocket. Mobile technology gives event marketers an opportunity to engage with trade show attendees through social media. For example, you can work with a custom design house to make your exhibit space a destination where prospects can connect on Twitter and Facebook and post messages about their trade show experiences. Incorporating TweetWalls and Facebook feeds into your custom environment engages people in the exhibit space and online at the same time, helping to create buzz about your activities at the trade show. Be sure to investigate and include a unique hashtag so that the engagement is searchable for the specific event.

If you want to leverage the mobile boom even further, include a smart phone recharging station in the design of your custom exhibit. This will attract more people to your booth and give them another reason to stay and learn about your products while they recharge their batteries.

Use Technology to Add a Personal Touch to Your Exhibit

Touch screen and RFID technology offer event marketers a great way to engage prospects while they are at your booth. Touch screen displays and tablets add an interactive component to product demonstrations and enable you to create individualized presentations. You can also use interactive screens to poll prospects about their interests and use the data to match them with the sales team member that best fits their profile.  RFID technology allows for attendee or product-specific information to be displayed to further customize the experience.

Technology is an important component of trade show marketing but it must blend seamlessly into the design of your exhibit. at 800.770.4392 and learn how our experienced design team can create a custom exhibit for your company that uses technology effectively. Contact us to know more!