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10 Unique Exhibit Design Ideas for 2023

Designing a unique exhibit for your next experiential marketing event will help you stand apart from your competition. A well-executed design attracts attention and plays a vital role in how a company effectively communicates its products or services to potential customers as well as partners. Consider these ten unique design ideas to create a cohesive brand image and make it easier for attendees to find and remember your company at the next trade show.

What Factors Make a Trade Show Experiential Design Unique

Several factors make a trade show experience effective and unique. Here are a few examples of how to improve your trade show program by focusing on these important aspects of your experiential exhibit design.


Incorporate a company’s branding elements, including colors, logos, and messaging, into the booth design to help create a cohesive brand image. Branding makes the trade show exhibit stand out and easily recognizable to attendees.


Use unique and creative design elements such as interactive displays, custom graphics, and unexpected materials to give your exhibit a trendy edge. A combination of creativity and functionality brings unique personality to the space.


Design a trade show booth with functionality in mind, including ample space for product demonstrations, walkways, or private meeting areas. Putting thought into the functionality and traffic flow of the space helps make it more inviting and effective for attendees.


Incorporate technology, like virtual reality or augmented reality, into an attendee’s experience.  In 2023, technology continues to play a vital role in marketing, branding, and design.  Your next trade show appearance should be no different.

Size & Layout

Select an appropriate size and layout for the next trade show exhibit that works well with your booth design. A well-designed layout with ample space can make the environment more inviting and easier for attendees to navigate.


Draw attention to specific products or areas within the booth with good lighting. Make the space visually appealing with well-intentioned light placement that makes the space more inviting.

10 Unique Exhibit Design Ideas

Incorporate experiential marketing into your next trade show with these ten unique designs that create immersive and interactive experiences for attendees.

Interactive Technology

Create a space for attendees to interact with technologies that highlight and engage them with your brand. Touchscreens, virtual or augmented reality, and other interactive elements attract attention, entertain attendees, and create memorable experiences.

Art Gallery-Inspired Design

Incorporate elements of an art gallery when designing the layout of your next exhibition booth. This may include a minimalist design with clean lines and a neutral color palette to better showcase products or services in a visually striking way.

Industrial Elements

Consider an industrial trade show booth design with an emphasis on functionality in a straightforward way. An industrial design may include raw materials and exposed structures.  You can also use lighting, textures, and colors to reflect an industrial aesthetic for an immersive environment.

Inspired by Nature

Bring the essence of the outdoors into your exhibition booth design with elements of the natural environment. Plants, natural materials, and earthy colors create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere that appeals to attendees and creates a sense of connection with nature and promotion of well-being.

Gamification of Exhibits

Engage and entertain attendees with nostalgic games or interactive activities like quizzes or challenges. Gamification of your trade show exhibit will allow attendees to interact with the booth and learn more about the products or services being exhibited.

Color & Vibrancy

Design an exhibition booth with colorful and vibrant styles, including bold colors, patterns, and graphics. This type of design creates a visually-striking and attention-grabbing display that will stand out among the others.

Classical & Timeless Cues

Utilize traditional and elegant design elements in the layout and plan of your exhibit for a classical and timeless look. This style may include classic architectural elements and chic lighting fixtures for a sophisticated and upscale atmosphere that exudes quality and professionalism.

Nostalgic Trade Show Design

Evoke feelings of nostalgia and familiarity among trade show attendees with a design and layout that incorporates vintage or retro-styling. A nostalgic trade show booth design can help connect with visitors on an emotional level while helping make the brand and products more memorable. Connecting with a particular era or lifestyle can help create a sense of authenticity for the brand.

Modern & Geometric Shapes

Use clean, sleek lines and the power of geometry in the design and layout of your next trade show exhibit for a modern look. This type of exhibition booth design may combine a minimalistic style with modern materials like metal, glass, and acrylic. A modern and geometric trade show booth design can create a sense of balance, harmony, and innovation.

Sustainable Features

Create an exhibition booth with environmentally-friendly materials and practices like energy-efficient lighting and recycled materials in the booth’s construction and operation. This allows for not only a visually-appealing space but also an environmentally responsible one.

Want to Create an Impactful Trade Show Booth? Work with Us!

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