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10 Steps to Better Trade Show ROI

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10 Steps to Better Trade Show ROI

10 Steps to Better Trade Show ROI | Exhibitus

The secret to achieving the return on investment (trade show ROI) you want from your next trade show is to attract attendees to your custom trade show exhibit who can personally increase your revenue or reduce your cost. If the right visitors appear, then the next step is to ensure they will be properly engaged. It is critical that the staff concentrate their efforts on priority guests. If a large percentage of your guests are targeted, engaged and properly managed, you will have a great show. If the percentage is small, chances are your results will be less than desired.

Put yourself to the test and see how many of these steps you typically take to guarantee success at your next event.

___ 1) Define the priority targets addressable at the event, making sure you segment by possible contribution to your objectives.

___ 2) Attract them with targeted pre- and at- event promotions, as well as through personal invitation from your executives and sales team.

___ 3) Train the staff to engage each visitor and quickly separate the targets from the non- targets.

___ 4) Have a specific engagement plan for each type of targeted individual.

___ 5) Convey visitor specific, high priority information that is relevant to the needs and desired benefits of each targeted visitor set.

___ 6) Set pre-determined commitment goals for each targeted visitor set (specific steps and activities that are the result of the exhibit interaction).

___ 7) Ensure that the sales team agrees that the commitment goals are in the company’s sales cycle for that product set.

___ 8) Have a foolproof system in place to record the commitments and define what information is required. (Hint: gather enough to enable an effective follow-up.)

___ 9) Provide motivation and support for the visitor who has committed to follow-through with you after the event.  Ensure adequate post-event communications.

___ 10) Pack your event with as many pre-scheduled meetings as possible with high priority customers, prospects, suppliers, partners, industry influencers and others who can improve your profitability in some way.

How many did you check?  

There are few things that will increase your results and ROI at marketing events more than following these steps. It takes planning and the participation of your executives, sales team and event staff.  It also requires training.  When done well the results will speak for themselves and you will be seen not only as an event manager, but also as a manager of the business.

For more information about the planning process of improved ROI, contact Exhibitus Results Division today.