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Top Reasons to Use a Qualified Exhibit Partner vs. Going It Alone

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Top Reasons to Use a Qualified Exhibit Partner vs. Going It Alone

Top Reasons to Use a Qualified Exhibit Partner vs. Going It AloneMarketing and event professionals are mired in responsibilities when coordinating trade shows and events, from overall strategy to pre/post-show marketing communication plans to manage exhibit properties and trade show services on the show floor.  One of the main challenges they face is the struggle to balance their workload so that each assignment has the greatest possibility of success.

At the same time, companies must decide the best approach for using limited resources, both precious budget dollars and internal teams that shoulder the many demands of their jobs.

“Do we handle all of the logistics in-house?”

“Should we partner with a reputable trade show design company that can assist us with our program?”

“What benefits does a partner bring to the table?”

Here are the top reasons why a qualified exhibit house may be the best fit to ensure your trade show and event program goes off without a hitch.

Experience & Knowledge with Trade Show Experts On Staff

Oftentimes, internal marketing teams do not have the manpower to handle all aspects of a trade show and event program themselves, as there are many moving parts.  Working in tandem with a partner as an extension of the internal marketing team can be the best of both worlds.

A successful program requires face-to-face expertise across many disciplines for proper execution.  This is where an exhibit house augments your internal team on many levels.  They employ:

  • Strategists – consults with your team to understand corporate strategy and how that aligns with the program marketing goals
  • Designers – both architectural and creative, focuses on aesthetics, functionality and messaging that resonates with the target audience and buyer personas via a proven creative process
  • Engagement Producers – defines meaningful attendee journeys through theme development aligned with lead generation strategies and incorporates appropriate technologies to attract targeted visitors to the exhibit Measurement Experts – develops strategies that involve meaningful metrics, simplified data collection and “value for investment” reporting through measurement discipline
  • Program Logistics Personnel – understands the nuances on domestic and international show floors, and leverages industry relationships from proper installation/dismantle to solving any unforeseen issues that may arise at the show
  • Expert Carpenters – executes quality craftsmanship that exceeds brand expectations

Since an exhibit house employs these individuals to handle all the details, you simply don’t have to!  Your internal marketing team can focus on the big picture and leave the details to your trusted partner.

Innovation in Service and Technology

When it comes to managing programs, marketing professionals either manage properties manually or seek technology platforms to assist when handling the program internally.  The former can be an ineffective use of the marketer’s time, while the latter can be a costly budget item that has a limited degree of flexibility. While independent platforms exist and can get the job done, it is an additional investment in both time and budget that many companies do not initially consider.

The right exhibit house partner will have its own platform that not only manages all aspects of the internal process, but also provides clients portal access. Additional benefits include one-platform program management, custom reporting capabilities and administrative rights for your internal marketing team overseeing the activity – not managing every detail themselves.

Customers First – Satisfaction is Key

Marketing professionals managing trade show and event programs simply cannot be in all places at the same time to oversee the many moving parts.  That’s where an exhibit house partner shines and offers ultimate peace-of-mind!  An exhibit partner owns the program as if it were its own, with the expertise and bandwidth to support your brand with innovative solutions.

The Team

A reliable exhibit house takes responsibility for customer satisfaction and the necessary steps to ensure Account Teams are nimble when it comes to providing solutions. Account Teams are typically available 24/7 with a service approach centered on communication.  They are advocates for your program on and off the show floor. This includes pre-show planning and handling last-minute changes or additions on-site trade show services.  At the heart of the client accountability process for any program is expert consultation and seamless communication – ensuring that clients are aware of the plan, the progress and the results along the way.

Finger on the Pulse of the Industry

The trade show and event industry is ever-evolving when it comes to design, engagement and technology trends.  Often times, marketing professionals work in a vacuum within the confines of their own industry and do not have the opportunity to expand their knowledge base to see what is successful in other trades.

A well-diversified exhibit house gains reputable insight by working with a varied client base across many industries.  This allows for monitoring the specific needs of each program they serve and then bringing clients a unique perspective for their programs. These might include trends in design, engagement, technology or measurement tactics. By identifying and sharing success stories from other industries, marketing professionals are introduced to new concepts to see if the same benefits could apply.

Lastly, a qualified exhibit house remains relevant by exercising the same muscles marketing professionals do.  They best demonstrate this by attending trade shows as exhibitors by targeting their own audiences – complete with pre-show, at-show, and post-show marketing activities – and designing, engaging and measuring their own programs.  The best exhibit house partners hone these skills every day to ensure they continue to identify with trade show and event marketers’ ever-evolving challenges.

Considering an exhibit house? Contact us today to learn more about what elements of your program may benefit from working with a partner you can depend on.