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Top 7 Trade Show Giveaways in 2018

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Top 7 Trade Show Giveaways in 2018

Top 7 Trade Show Giveaways in 2018 | Exhibitus

Leaving a lasting impression on your attendees can be difficult to achieve in between the hustle and bustle of other exhibits. Your budget plays a great role in your trade show ROI, so allocating it appropriately is crucial for success. One line item to prioritize is your company’s giveaways. Gone are the days of only pens and t-shirts. Here are the top seven most thoughtful and usable giveaways for your attendees this year.

1. Cell Phone Smart Wallets at your Trade Show Booth

Any giveaway that complements mobile devices is a guaranteed slam dunk. Because most people hate carrying around a bulky wallet, slim silicone pocket attachments are becoming the new craze. They’re perfect to store driver’s licenses, credit cards, hotel keys, business cards and cash.

2. Give Away PopSockets in your Trade Show Booth

Another mobile device accessory your visitors will love is the PopSocket. This accessory adheres to the back of your device and enables the user to effortless grip their phone or stand it up to watch the screen hands-free. The round circle design is the perfect place to put your company logo.

3. Secure Webcam Privacy with Covers

A sleek, modern webcam cover pops right on to one’s computer and ensures the user’s privacy. What’s even better is that brands can put their logo front and center on their attendee’s computers, serving as a constant reminder of their interaction at the trade show.

4. Stylish, Unique Socks

You can’t go wrong with a fun pair of socks. They’re unique, yet functional, and make a lasting impression on attendees. Plus, they’re inexpensive, so you can really optimize your budget with this giveaway. Don’t forget to ask your staff to wear them, too!

5. Touch Screen Cloth

With so many delicate surfaces used every day, a microfiber cloth is useful for everyone. From touch screens to sunglasses, almost all your attendees will need to clean off something with a microfiber cloth. From a marketing perspective, they’re essentially a blank canvas, giving your brand lots of space for branding and design opportunities.

6. Cell Phone Battery Pack

Your attendees will be on the trade show floor all day, which means they won’t have down time to charge their phone. Give them a surge of energy with a touch of branding when you supply a power bank. This handy giveaway helps them stay connected not only to their friends and family, but also with the various events at the trade show.

7. Mini Bluetooth Speaker

From the golf course to picnics, people are taking their music with them everywhere. A Bluetooth speaker lets them listen to their favorite tunes on the go, with a frequent reminder of your brand, thanks to a conveniently placed logo.

Other than giveaways, your exhibit will be the next most important item that leaves a lasting impression. At Exhibitus, we specialize in custom trade show booths, while prioritizing trade show ROI for our clients. Contact us today to learn more about how to take your exhibit to the next level.