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Questions…As We Ponder Resilience – II

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Questions…As We Ponder Resilience – II

In December, Exhibitus began a three-part webinar series entitled, Pivot & Thrive. The first webinar focused on RESILIENCE, and what that means to individuals, the exhibit industry and to the many trade show booth design companies. As discussed, exhibitors as well as exhibit companies are all looking for ways to manage through the current economic conditions and come out stronger on the other side as the pandemic subsides.

Last week, Exhibitus’ Creative Director, Matt Beck, answered an attendee’s question about reinvention. The next question is directed at guest speaker, Mike Hamilton, President of Get Synchronicity. Here is his response.

Q: You have advocated that we enhance innovation to build resilience, however you have only given two examples. Can you suggest some other ideas for us?

Mike: One very intriguing idea, and has been a focus of mine for the past several months, is the idea of using shared  virtual reality (VR).  If you have a high-value prospect that is not going to be able to travel, yet you still want to create an experience for them, you can create a virtual experience to demonstrate products and services.

Ship them a wireless reality headset, give your sales team member a wireless headset and,  in real-time they share the experience together. The account executive can “walk” in there with the prospect, in real-time, through their avatar’s experience.

This is not a new technology. We just haven’t used it in the B2B world. Gamers are doing this right now and it is second nature to them.  I think this innovation could be used effectively to support the sales process in the experiential marketing world.

As the question implies, Mike discussed additional ideas using innovative technologies during the RESILIENCE webinar. To listen to a recording of this webinar, Contact Us.