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Questions… Are You UNDETERRED? – I

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Questions… Are You UNDETERRED? – I

In December, Exhibitus began a three-part webinar series entitled, Pivot & Thrive. The first webinar focused on RESILIENCE,and what that means to individuals, the exhibit industry and to the many trade show booth design companies.

The next edition of the series is about being UNDETERRED, finding ways to advocate, connect, demonstrate and convert customers in order to drive business forward.

Below, our speakers responded to a guest’s question about the long-term use of virtual experiences.


Would it benefit a company long term to develop their own 3-D interactive booth experiences that could be used to create a hybrid trade show? Do you believe hybrid trade shows will become the new standard?

From our speakers:

Brad Falberg, President, Exhibitus:  Absolutely!  CEIR recently reported that 71 percent of show organizers expect their live events to have a virtual component for the foreseeable future.

Ashley Tomashot, Experiential Designer, Exhibitus:  I don’t see the trade show organizers pushing this new format, it’s primarily coming from the exhibitors themselves. As we are all on pause, companies are developing a myriad of ways to communicate with audiences. They are looking to differentiate their offerings in a unique format.

Once we are back in face-to-face environments, I believe we will see exhibitors continuing to create virtual experiences and seek ways to integrate them into events for live audiences. Using tech elements in a way that draws target attendees will be a critical component of physical structures. Exhibitors can use these virtual experiences to offer access in a hybrid fashion or to take their brand outside of the trade show for other audiences, both of which greatly expands their reach in a compelling format. 

Contact us to learn more about how you can take your brand and message to connect with new audiences, virtually.