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Hermes Award Winner – DiaSorin

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Hermes Award Winner – DiaSorin

Another award to celebrate! Five of Exhibitus’ innovative clients have won an award in this year’s Hermes Creative Award Program Congratulations, DiaSorin.  Your creativity in developing innovative ways to provide critical information to your customers is to be applauded.



Gold award: Virtual Tour

The DiaSorin Virtual Tour experience was designed as an overview to the company’s virtual trade show exhibit for AACC 2021, which was created by Exhibitus.  The virtual tour helps customers and prospects easily find the information they need about the various testing products the company offers, as well as new products recently introduced. Products to be released in the near future are previewed and webinars about the science behind the company’s portfolio of offerings are featured.

This tour was used as a marketing tool to encourage target audiences to engage with the company representatives during the AACC trade shows, both live and virtual.