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Helpful Tips for Leveraging Video at Your Next Trade Show

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Helpful Tips for Leveraging Video at Your Next Trade Show

Although capturing events on camera has been around for decades, it has never been this easy. Today, high-quality videos only require a smartphone and basic editing technology.  In fact, it is so easy that the total number of video posts on social media has increased by 75 percent globally and 94 percent across the U.S.

Authentic video taken at trade shows can be beneficial even after the show concludes, helping to increase trade show ROI if used for other strategic marketing activities.  Take advantage of capturing key moments at your event with these tips.

Capture Video with the Intent to Share

It is likely that one segment of a trade show’s marketing plan includes social media – a great place to draw in customers and potential leads through video aside from the trade show booth design itself. That is why event managers should craft a video plan that results in shareable, engaging material. Without a plan, whoever is behind the camera will shoot footage aimlessly, forcing the marketing team to work backwards with whatever content they receive.

Whether the plan includes livestreaming and/or posting videos throughout and after the event, trade show managers should decide which videos are appropriate for each. For example, it is not a good idea to livestream a customer’s testimonial. Their statements may be unpredictable and could be taken completely out of context.

Livestreaming enables a company to capture activities such as product demonstrations, sales presentations, Q&A sessions, or interactive engagements for people who are not able to attend. This also gives the company high-quality material to use once the show is over.

Of course, videos posted on social media do not necessarily have to be live. Here are some ideas for what to capture at the show and post later:

  • Product launches
  • How-to videos
  • Product or service demos
  • Useful tips for certain features of a product
  • Testimonials from current clients
  • Engaging speakers

Once the videos have been edited and spliced, employees are able to post it on social media platforms where customers and potential clients are already sharing content, like LinkedIn or Facebook. These edited videos are also perfect for future sales presentations or other online marketing activities.

Trade show attendees and potential leads are always looking for useful and informative ways to take product information back to decision makers. Videos have the power to capture audiences’ attention and present wanted information in an interesting and creative way.

Factors that Make a Great Video

One of the key components to creating a good and usable video is making sure it is relatable.  On-screen personalities need to come across as interesting and engaging.  There are all kinds of people at a trade show that would fit that bill to create an entertaining and informative video. However, be careful not to choose just any attendee to be featured.

Also, keep in mind the location when filming.  Shoot next to the company logo or booth, and avoid logos or booths of other exhibitors.  Be sure to minimize background distractions in the frame of the video.

Another factor to consider is length. Ideally, the final cut of a video is five minutes or less, with two minutes being the sweet spot.  Videos are more effective if they show more than tell, so ensure that product demo footage showcases more of the product than the person presenting it.  Consider captioning the video for when viewers are previewing the content without sound, prior to launching the full video.

Finally, conclude with a clear call to action at the end of each video to encourage viewers to find out more about the brand, company or product, or all of these.  For internet search purposes, include keywords that make finding the video easier to locate.

Always Be Prepared

Have a camera and equipment ready at all times at a trade show event.  An enthusiastic and excited person wanting to share all about the designated service or product can walk by at any moment. Catching that enthusiasm can be just what a video needs to go viral or send the perfect message that changes a prospect into a customer

Contact Exhibitus for more information about creating a video at your next trade show or for help marketing your trade show exhibit through video.