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FinTech Industry Guide to Tradeshows: 2020

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FinTech Industry Guide to Tradeshows: 2020

As the internet and mobile devices have evolved during the first two decades of the 21st century, the way financial transactions are executed has changed dramatically. Businesses which provide technology that offer services around “digital money,” from credit card transactions to online bill pay, to the global transfer of funds, are part of an industy called financial technology, or FinTech.

For those FinTech companies looking to demonstrate solutions and build productive relationships, 2020 will offer a number of  events that promise to attract a large portion of this growing market.  As you get ready for the new tradeshow season, it’s a good idea to review Exhibit Design RFPs to know what to expect.

Here are some of the upcoming shows to consider as you plan your 2020 face-to-face marketing program and budget.

January 2020 FinTech Tradeshows

The Digital Money Forum | Las Vegas | 7-10

The Path to the Digital Economy

How much cash do you have in your pocket? That’s what the organizers of this Forum ask the audience every year, and every year for the last five years, the answer has been less and less.  The goal of this conference is to help the FinTech community navigate the transition from paper currencies to digital. The conference is one day, but the exhibition lasts for four days, plenty of time for an exhibitor to meet new prospects and solidify relationships with exisiting customers.

Also, there are many sponsorship opportunities available, including participation in the Digital Money Podcast and networking events that keep the conversation flowing.

February 2020 FinTech Tradeshows

DeveloperWeek | San Francisco | 12-16

DeveloperWeek covers all new technologies, an especially important event for companies in the FinTech industry, as technologies that facilitate digital currencies are relatively still in their infancy. There are keynote addresses, panel discussions and workshops covering important developing technologies. Exhibiting at DeveloperWeek offers the opportunity to engage with more than 8,000 representatives ready to learn about the latest in technology innovations, including financial technology.

Structured Finance Industry Group (SFIG) | Las Vegas | 23-26

The Structured Finance Association’s focus is growing access to credit in a secure, responsible manner. Partnership opportunities are plentiful at this annual event where FinTech companies interact with more than 8,000 delegates representing investors, issuers, financial intermediaries and other industry stakeholders from throughout the world.

May 2020 FinTech Tradeshows

Lendit USA | New York City | 13-14

Over 5,000 attendees will learn from industry leaders how lending and banking are converging at this conference in the spring of 2020.  The 125,000 sq.ft. exhibit hall is filled with more than 200+ sponsors and exhibitors demonstrating their respective offerings to maximize their B2B offerings. For FinTech exhibitors, it is an opportunity to educate this community as to how their technology can facilitate this evolution, as well as explore partnership opportunities with other technology providers.

October 2020 FinTech Tradeshows

Money20/20 | Las Vegas

Money 20/20 gatherings are held in the U.S., Europe, Asia and China every year.  Promotion for these events says, “Here the entire payments, fintech and financial services industry connects.” The exhibit hall, as well as the many sponsorship opportunities, offers access to representatives from more than 300 industry-leading companies, all looking to understand the latest in financial technology, and that’s just in the U.S.!  For global industry participants, attending Money 20/20 in other parts of the global fintech community should be strongly considered.

Tailor Your Program for Success

With the digital market evolving rapidly, it is critical that FinTech companies stay in front of their target audience.  Exhibitus’ Results Division can help you select the exhibitions that offer the most opportunity to demonstrate the value of your offerings.  Contact Exhibitus to learn about show selection, along with the best exhibit design, to ensure the expected return on your face-to-face marketing investment.