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Find a Seat at the Table

As an Event Manager, you know how critical your job is to the success of your trade show booth design company. Or do you?

Ask yourself these critical questions:

  • Is trade show participation just a check box that needs to be filled or are you attending because “the company always has?”
  • Is your department so far removed from strategy development that you have no clue as to whether your team’s success is on the executive radar?

Developing a successful career as an Event Manager takes planning and effort.  It is hard to go to work every day if you don’t feel a level of excitement about your job.  And, even if you find the work itself enjoyable and interesting, if your organization doesn’t recognize and appreciate your contribution, interest will evaporate.

Many Event Managers believe that making certain everything goes as planned on the trade show floor will ensure recognition and advancement.  That’s certainly a first step, but another important and often overlooked component is the ability to increase profitability of the organization. To do so requires that you relate your team’s accomplishments to the basic business profit equation:

Revenue – Expense = Profit

In the weeks ahead, we will be writing about these two simple, but critical concepts:

  1. Achieving success as an event marketer requires quantifiable results.
  2. Your team’s accomplishments must be linked to business profitability.

Both of these require a well-defined measurement program that integrates components of the overall experiential marketing program.  Join us as we explore how data and analysis can help obtain the credit your program deserves and you personally grow in your career as your organization gains long term success. Contact us to learn more!