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How to Use Facebook Live to Promote Your Next Tradeshow

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How to Use Facebook Live to Promote Your Next Tradeshow

How to Use Facebook Live to Promote Your Next Tradeshow | Exhibitus
If you’re looking to increase your audience reach at your next trade show, look no further than social media to get the job done. An innovative trade show booth design will amplify your brand’s personality on the trade show floor, and streaming on Facebook Live will take your trade show event and project to millions of Facebook users in real time.

This allows you to showcase your brand, your expertise and take viewers behind-the-scenes. Here’s how to take advantage of the Facebook Live platform to boost awareness at your next trade show.

Promote Your Trade Show Event Before You Go Live on Facebook

Take the time to let your audience know you’ll be streaming live through news feed posts. Waiting until the last moment will lead to poor viewership because people are already committed to other activities at trade show.

Don’t go overboard with early notice, or people may forget about the event. Make sure to send out follow-up reminders as the event date draws closer, keeping people interested in what’s to come.

Practice Makes Perfect

Prepare and practice as much as you can before going live on Facebook because live footage can’t be edited. Make sure that you can be seen and heard with minimal distractions and that you’re using a strong broadband connection. Otherwise, you risk losing signal in the middle of your Facebook Live event.

Before your next trade show, you can get acquainted with Facebook Live with practice videos. As long as you set the privacy setting to “Only Me,” your users won’t see your rehearsals. This gives you time to troubleshoot and fix issues before the event.

Take Your Prospects Behind-the-Scenes at Your Trade Show Event

You can hold multiple Facebook Live sessions during your trade show, including behind-the-scenes videos of the exhibition process. This helps people feel “in the know,” which strengthens the bond between your brand and attendees. Be sure not to give away too many details because you want to create buzz and excitement about your exhibit.

Connect with the Audience Using Facebook Live

Encourage comments and feedback to enhance the viewer’s experience. You can also host a Q&A session from the trade show floor. Hosting a live product demonstration from your custom exhibit shows off your brand and innovative offerings in real time.

No matter how you approach it, be sure to relax, keep smiling and give Facebook Live viewers the opportunity to connect with your brand and message. Be sure to end your video with a call to action, such as sharing your Facebook Live video, visiting your website or scheduling a meeting with a member of your sales team.

Facebook Live puts your brand and your custom exhibit in front of one of the biggest social media audiences available, driving awareness of your brand, product and message. To learn more about how a custom exhibit design can maximize your trade show investment, contact Exhibitus today.